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Using The Wireless Camera With The Sdk

I am learning how to use the SDK, and want to learn how to use the Wireless Camera features. The project is solving a Rubik's Cube, so each of the colors will be one of 6 basic solid colors. What I will be using the camera for (in this project, at least) is viewing a grid of colors (the cube) and determing what color is in each of the squares of the grid. So I need to know how to do two things:

1. The basics of using the camera (how to obtain a picture).
2. How to determine what areas of the picture are what color. I thought I saw somewhere that ARC had software that could do this, but I could be wrong about that since I have almost no experience with ARC (I just got my EZ-Robot Complete Kit a few days ago, and I already have more experience with the SDK than EZ-Builder, probably because I have been using .NET for 10 years and ARC for less than 10 days). But if the SDK has any built-in methods for analyzing the pictures, I want to learn what they are and how to use them.

If anybody can help get me started using the Wireless Camera with the SDK, or knows of any good videos or tutorials for using the Wireless Camera with the SDK, I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know about them. Thanks!


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I too, have
I too, have some problem using camera with visual basic.
Trying the tutorial3 - camera, i have an error:

Impossible to load file or assembly FFMPEG.dll or one of dependence.

The problem occours in the line:
_camera = New Camera(EzB_Connect1.EZB)

Do someone know a solution?
Did you copy the dlls into your bin/debug folder?
@robert_rowe He may not answer... last post before you was april 2013
I didn't notice the date when I answered. I hope that he figured it out.
At Robert you should be able to use some math to figure the rubix cube out. Just a possible suggestion - You can use custom images that the video processing uses to identify the color combinations. So 3 x 3 square grid is 27 combinations times the amount of colors on the rubix. Then create the various example imagines to go in your library. 6 colors X 27 squares is 142 combinations I believe using math in my head. So that would be 142 reference images. Does that make sense?
I wasn't the original poster. I don't know anything about what he was trying to do. I was just trying to help him with VB. It seems like the EZ-Robot guys like C# and their VB examples are a bit lacking. I got them working but I've used VB for many years. I'm not knocking C# but VB is much easier to use. It's also the language that people new to programming are likely to try. For a company that wants to make robots easy I would have thought that they'd spent more time getting their examples to work correctly. They seem to want people to use their software and I agree that this is the way to get started. Any advanced usage is going to need a programming language though.

I think that we should try to help each other. My kit hasn't arrived yet but when it does I'll be translating all the C# examples to VB. Maybe I'll be able to get DJ Sures to include them in the SDK. We also need a good How-To guide for using the SDK. Any volunteers to write this?
robert_roweI don't have the background but I sure would look over your shoulder and possibly learn something.
I did download Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and found a Visual Basic intro (25 videos) for learning VB.NET