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Using The Wireless Camera With The Sdk

I am learning how to use the SDK, and want to learn how to use the Wireless Camera features. The project is solving a Rubik's Cube, so each of the colors will be one of 6 basic solid colors. What I will be using the camera for (in this project, at least) is viewing a grid of colors (the cube) and determing what color is in each of the squares of...
Maximum Gripper Size

Maximum Gripper Size

One of my planned projects is solving a Rubik's Cube. I originally bought the Wild Thumper 4WD Chassis With Gripper, but the gripper did not open quite far enough. The cube is...

Creating A Complete Application For Ez-Robot

I am trying to learn to program EZ-Robot ( using VB.NET. I have downloaded the SDK, but the examples it included didn't really look like they did much, and the SDK documentation ( didn't seem very helpful. I would like to see a complete example that includes input from several of the servos...
Attaching Ez-B & Servos To Wild Thumper

Attaching Ez-B & Servos To Wild Thumper

I am working on my first project involving Wild Thumper, and need to figure out how to attach the different pieces (EZ-B, servos, camera,...

Servo Buzzes After Moving To A Value Near Min Or Max

When I rotate one of my servos to a value near the min or max (1, 2, 3, 98, 99, 100) the servo rotates just like it should, but starts buzzing afterwards until I either move it to a value farther away from the min or max, or close the connection. Is there something I should be doing after setting the servo position (maybe some method I should be...

Rotating A Servo

I recently got my EZ-B and have started working on some of my planned projects. One thing that I noticed is that when rotating a servo (a standard servo) from EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN to EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX, it is not exactly 180 degrees that it rotates (I noticed this with ARC also). I have several questions about using the servos: 1. How many...

Connecting Wild Thumper To Ez-B

I recently got the EZ-Robot Complete Kit and Wild Thumper with Gripper. While looking at the Wild Thumper, it did not look like it had any connectors for connecting it to the EZ-B that comes with the Complete Kit. Does the Wild Thumper require the 2.5 Amp Motor Controller from the shopping page? I would like to connect the Wild Thumper directly to...

Determining When To Start & Stop Servos

I haven't actually started working on my project(s) yet, since I won't be getting my EZ-Robot until Christmas (if I was a good boy this year), but I am trying to learn as much as possible before then. I have two questions: 1. How can I determine the current position of the servo? When the code starts, the servo position is unknown, so I need a way...
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