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Using Newbright Chasis For Ez-Robot Locomotion

I got a couple of newbright 12.5" monster trucks "raminator"
Was looking to plug the chasis into the ez-b. So i opened it up, its got a board with two connections and holds one battery 9-6v. Connects one to driveshaft and gears & motor, and one to steering servo. The antenna is also wired to the board
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

So, im looking for some pointers before i break it:)

User-inserted image

Also, i was thinking about just removing the board, and just using the servo and motor, but then i cannot use the battery, so i was hoping that theres a way to control the board through the antenna wire instead?


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If you are planing to use and EZB instead of the wireless control , it is feasible by disconnecting the control boards and directly connect to motor to hbridge+EZB board .
Looking at the document ( link below) . It is simple connection to the existing wires and battery.

In theory should be easy work .

Raminator manual

After you posted the new pic it looks different model than the one I found.
I am not sure but should have same principle .
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Yes, I have seen the documents but no technical details or drawings.
In principal , you have only one motor and one servo to control.
Should not be an issue with EZB .
Later on you may add other sensors to make it more fun.
I seen theres ways to control wowwee robots via antenna

Was hoping some one figured this out with simpler rc toys
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The Wowwee robot control is not through an antenna, what happens is the EZ-B replicates the IR signals and sends those signals to where the IR receiver was. The robot doesn't know the difference and just works as though the signal received was from the IR receiver. It's different to how an RC car works.

Replace the guts of the car for an EZ-B, a H-Bridge for the motors and reuse (or replace) the servo for steering.
So is it possible to replace antenna signals with wired ones?
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It seems that i cannot understand your main objective. What are you looking for exactly ?
Using the truck chassis to hold EZB and to upgrade for more functionalities ? Additional Sensors ? Reaching Autonomous operation ?
If this is the case , you have to forget about the existing board and the RC remote controller. As per @Rich suggestions , you can upgrade the servos , use the BT communication with the EZB and enjoy scripting.
Do not hesitate to provide more details and clarifications to be able to help you reaching your objective.
Want to make it autonomous, but, maintain the current motors. Currenly, they run on two wires instead of 3, so im a little confused how to connect them
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You may find this document helpful to show you some motor connectivity with micro controllers and h-bridge
Probably what you have a motor using 2 wiring that works by reversing polarities to go for the different directions.

L298 dual H-Bridge

You will need to use the multimeter to trace all connection for more assurance.
I also have 3 R/C truck that I would like to use with my EZ-B's. From hours of internet research, I concluded that most modern R/C cars / trucks used the RXC2 chip as a micro-controller. Determine exactly your goals for the R/C vehicle before making any changes. Locate the micro-controller. Hint it is near the middle screw hole and have a total of 16 pins outputs. If is the RXC2 chip, here is the data sheet.
User-inserted image

If not simply type the micro-controller model number on Google image search and it should give you a picture of a data sheet.

1) you can use the built in H-bridge controller and solder directly to the chip pins out. , Left, right, front, backwards.

2) you can grab a
Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board for less than $10 and completely remove the R/C truck circuit board. replacing with arduino

3) keep the truck stock without any modification and tap into the remote control signal ( also should have a mini rxc2 chip)

I have done step one and two forward and reverse seem to work just fine, but had trouble with left and right, eventually got side track with Robosapien Rover 5 chassis and abandone the R/C trucks. maybe we can put our head together and figure it out. I' ll do some testing Wednesday and will give you an answer.
Awesome! Didn't know theres an on board h-bridge
Hey DemonN,

Logic check on my plans below please?

I just got a good deal on a Radio Shack Monster Truck. I plan to put the EZ-B with the trucks remote controller in the back of the truck. Then attach the EZB to the factory remote controller and not touch the electronics in the truck itself.

When the grounds are connected between the two boards I can send a low from the ez-scripts digital out to the contacts switches in the remote controller and whallah!

The truck is rated to go over 30 MPH. No esc's or truck mods should be needed...

If I don't trash the thing, I'll later put a MS Surface Pro running Win 8 inside the device for infinite autonomous range.

I'll put the MMA755 Acelerometer (which I love, is cheap, very accurate and easy to use with DJ's latest EZ-Script update) inside the truck so it can learn to autonomously climb things without ever getting into excessive leans that would cause it to flip. I'll back up an renegotiate but always be moving upward.

I'm almost done with a proof of concept with the tank chassis with these behaviors and will post a video of that this weekend here. I love the tank to test things out without breaking things. I learned that lesson after destroying my AR Drone.:(