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Using Init Script To Set Servo Max, Min

If you use the setservomin and setservomax then call this script when ARC connects will these servo min max setting ever change?

I mean if you use the Auto Position and set the servo higher then the max set in the init script will the servo more further then the allow setservomax that was setup in the init script.

Also, if you use the release all command and do not rerun the init script will it still know not to go passed the setservomax?

Thanks in advance, merne


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They'll never change :)

The only time the limit values reset is when a new project is loaded.

It's impossible for a servo with limits to move past the limit. The limit code resides in the servo module itself, so there is no deeper calling function. Meaning nothing can override a servo limit.


Thanks DJ. This is good news. :)