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Using Imu With Ez Board

Hello there! i was buying this 9dof imu (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor, so wanted to ask if i can connect it with the ez board? if yes then should it be connected to the i2c or analogue or digital port?


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Hi @Abdun Nafay I don't think your link came through, but I guess I can say that most commonly IMUs communicate with the EZ-B via I2C, some have TTL-serial communication but the EZ-Bv3 doesn't have a Serial RX line besides the one that bluetooth module uses so I2C is the usual option.


The EZ-B v4 has a Serial RX line - so that would be able to work:) The EZ-B v4 also has 3 i2c ports.


the issue is i have ez-b v3, so is it possible for me to connect imu to the i2c of the board that i have?


also, a bit of guidance on how to access the readings from the imu through the board to my pc would be appreciated! :)


D.J. Does that mean it might communicate with ICreate/Roomba (Receive) information packets? Thanks Steve S

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@Steve it sounds like it :)

@Abdun Nafay the V3 has one I2C port which can be daisychained so yes, it should work on that. Getting the reading through the board would require the I2Cread command combined with the commands of the I2C device, you'll need the datasheet but the command would look something like;

$raw = I2CRead(0, auto, 0x1a, 2)

The above example reads from device 0x1a on board 0. Have a look at the EZ-Script help for I2CRead and at some of the I2C examples in ARC.