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Reading Values From Imu Mpu6050 6Dof

Reading Values From Imu Mpu6050 6Dof

Hello everyone, I had been trying for some time now and have finally come up with a code for taking values from the IMU. @DJ here it goes; I would...

I2c In C# Not Reading Values

I have mpu-6050 6dof imu. I want to read the value of who_am_i register with register number 0x75. The register returns address 0x68. But I am getting 255. The device address is 0x68 as well. Code is as follows: byte[] ret = ezB_Connect1.EZB.I2C.Read(I2C.ReadArgsEnum.Auto,0x75,1); here is the register description for the device:RM-MPU-6000A.pdf I...

Socket In ARC

Hello everyone, I was wondering how can I write a socket program in ARC for it to communicate with my c# code. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Ar Drone ARC

Any suggestions on how can I alter the ar drone control code on ARC?

Accessing Values From I2c Port

I recently bought this IMU (inertial measurement unit): Now I want to read the values from the i2c port in C#. Please advice. Thanks!

Using Imu With Ez Board

Hello there! i was buying this 9dof imu (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor, so wanted to ask if i can connect it with the ez board? if yes then should it be connected to the i2c or analogue or digital port?
Query Involving Ez Robot Servo Motors

Query Involving Ez Robot Servo Motors

hello people, can i get some help here. I am buying the kit and wanted to know if the continuous servo motors are capable to fly a small...
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