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Using Heavy-Duty Servos

I notice that alternate power is recommended for larger servos- but the alternate power source ports were removed from the EZ-Board starting with v3. Can I still supply servos unregulated 6v power using this board?


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You can but you will have to permenatenetentenetly modify the board. Your best solution is to modify a servo extension cable. Cut the +5 and GND (Red and Black) from the extension cable and connect directly to your 6v power source.

In one week there will be a servo expansion board. I'm working on a line of EZ-Bits, which are peripheral expansions to the EZ-B. One is for servos to have their own power supply. Another is for Serial rs232 input/output. Another is for a sound module. And a few more:)

They are being drawn up right now - will be sent to the printers soon as we have free time


These add-on's sound great! Can't wait to get it all hooked up! Thnx DJ Sures:)


@ConfoundedHound - Thanks for asking that question. I had wondered how to go about doing that myself. Glad to hear from DJ's answer that my thinking wasn't far off.

@DJ - cool "EZ-Bits" I like that name! Can't wait to see what expansions you've cooked up!


Kudos to you DJ! The business is really taking off due to your hard efforts as well as your team!


So if I understand this correctly, pull power into the servo directly from the battery but have the signal wire (white) only tied into a DO port? Also, on the heavy duty servo MG995 which color is the ground and which is the signal on the wire lead?


@bret no not directly to the battery if it exceeds the maximum voltage of the servos. An EZ-Bit is coming in the next two weeks for alternate servo power.

You can still run those heavy duty servos off the EZ-B IF the battery pack can support it. When I use the Omnibot 2000 with moving arms and head running those servos - it uses 2.5 amps - according to my power checker thingy


Thanks DJ, I am using the 6 volt 4500mah omnibot battery so the servos are fine to take that. But if I can just go thru the board that would be even better. I am running 4 heavy duty servos and 3 mini servos. I just didn't want to brown out the board. Also, my heavy duty servos are the MG995s with the weird colored wire in the lead. Which color is which? Thank you.


The dark wire is the ground. I think it's a kind of brown color


Hi DJ, any word on the servo Expansion Board? Curious minds want to know...;)


EZ-bits are still in development, we are getting caught up on shipping out the boards that were ordered in the preorder.


Ok I'm definitely interested in this new board , somthing I recomend to those moving up to high torque servo is getting a servo extension cable from a hobby store and cut up that cable. This way your not permenantnantnatly modifying a servo if its avoidable and you can upgrade to DJs ezbit board later. Having the ext gives extra slack for mounting options too!