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Using Ez-Robot Hdd Servos Instead Of Hs-805Bb On My Inmoov

I'm experimenting with HDD Servos on my InMoov, using them in place of the HS-805BB to stop the buzzing under heavy load.

I started with the Elbow servo and it seem to handle the weight etc, and no buzzing when holding up the arm, unlike when using the HS-805BB servos!
Seems to work well.

See quick video

I'm not sure if they will be able to handle the shoulder/arm servos, but the stall torque figure of the HS805BB is 24 kg/cm against 19 kg/cm for the HDD servo at 6v, not much difference between them?



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Mighty and smooth. Mighty smooth. :)

How do you find the sound level of these new servos while it's moving under load? Is it about as loud as the old servos you were using?
United Kingdom
Dave, I would say they are a bit more noisy when operating, but that could be down to the metal gears, rather than nylon on the HS805BB servos.

But no more buzzing which is Great!

Great info and video, thanks!


HS805BB is 24 kg/cm against 19 kg/cm for the HDD servo at 6v, not much difference between them?

Remember though the peak torque of the ez robot servo (19kg/cm) comes at 7.4V, not 6v...
United Kingdom
True Richard.
They don't publish the stall torque of the HS805BB @ 7.4v as it's not really suppose to operation at that voltage, so can't do that comparison.

But these HDD's are mighty strong, and I reckon there be OK for the shoulder/arm servos? Anyway one way to find out!