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Using Continuous Servos As Drive Power Polulu Power Hd 240 Oz On Servo

Ok so I'm thinking of ideas like using servos for drive , mostly because they are easy to replace or upgrade , and I already need to cut out the bottom of Jarvis base to fit the vacuum power head. If I did one servo per wheel that's 480 oz in torque per side. Is this enough to scoot around a 50 pound robot? On carpet? I do have the option to use two servos per wheel which is then 960 oz in torque. The servos would only turn wheels via a gear a axle would still bear the weight so there's no lateral stress on the servos.

The servo I was thinking of was polulu Power HD 240 oz in standard size servo , just 19.99 each.

Servos as you know can be extremely powerfull and they are very light and cost effective. I just wish someone would come up with a ready made shaft attachment on them.
That's a very good price for that much torque.
I was thinking, if you disassemble a regular servo, then hook up the motor leads to a single motor Hbridge connected to a stronger motor. Then just fix the servos potmeter to the stronger motors shaft, you have a very strong servo!
Oooh, Turnigy is a great brand
I saw that servo and my jaw dropped! I thought it was 1155oz/in lol Now THAT would have been a great buy. However its still a great buy but the conversion is 458oz/in.
I think this will do nicely in our bigger bots. Affordable too!
Oh.yea for sure glickclick , that's a reasonable priced alternative, 4wd with all.the wheels having their own servos to drive them , they probably make less noise that a regular DC motor too. For about 100 bucks for 4wd and 50 for 2wd.its really not bad.
Thanks Troy I'm no.expert on servos but I think I remember something.being different about this kind , but if I could easily modify it for continuous rotaton its probably ideal! Maybe someone could tell us if this kind of servo is ideal
Yeah I hope someone does. It could be a good drive motor?
Glickclik servo is a wonder that I have it in charge, put a 360 th and 6 laps
2160 Grades (6 circles) my idea is used in conjunction with a large gear to reduce their 6 laps to turn around (180 degrees) and also multiply their strength by 12.
The other servo 458oz/in. (sorry for the conversion) I have it mounted to move the head of my robot RSP and also I have supporting evidence; of his strength and is impressive and quieter than other servos. greetings.
I have not disassembled the servo but I guess a large ball bearing to the exit. I have proven with sevo arm bolted to a round tray with a large soda bottle (2 liters) and this tour with ease.
I hope that will work for you!