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This is my first little friend. Her head has a camera installed, two eye servos, two neck servos, two continuous servos for movement and two shoulder servos. In the future two arms with grippers will be added to the shoulders. I will also be adding the ultrasonic sensor for future needs. She isn't pretty now but give her a little time. I have most functions working, like voice controlled movement, face and color tracking for the head, with the eye movement coupled to the horizontal neck movement. I also have voice recognition running some of Wall-e's mp3 files. My two questions are:

  1. Any suggestions as to what script examples I may look at to allow some self actuated function like chasing a ball or tracking to a face and saying hello? There are a lot to go thru but maybe someone can narrow my direction. Some day I want her to answer the front door.. LOL
  2. Will I be able to run the robot only using a tablet?

Thanks to all



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First nice job.... good work Ron.... I really appreciate people who build their own bots from odds and ends.... Doombot does this and his stuff in outrageously cool... Dude, looks don't count that much... function is way more important...

  1. You don't need serious scripting to get your bot to chase a ball or track your face and say hello... you can pretty much do all that with a couple of controls. You will need the camera control (some scripting will be needed here, but not much), a pan and tilt servo set up (which you have) and a Movement Panel to drive your robot around... that's pretty much it for the tracking... A 360 degree servo base is probably easiest to start with...

  2. You can run the robot with any windows tablet that is not an RT version... I have an Acer W3 and it works great with ARC...


Hi Richard, Yeah, thanks to you guys once we got the communication problem resolved, I was able to have a great time playing with the software. I am looking on how to get the camera to work with the motion, but keep the head tracking working. I guess what am trying to say is, how to allow the camera to run two or three things at the same time. I got the pan and tilt working fine, and the motion panel also. I can even run the wheels by voice, but unclear on how to start connecting functions together. I just need a nudge in the right direction. Also, I assume, using a tablet, I will need to go thru the communication setup again because of the problem I had in the beginning, or do I just stay in client mode.



@ANDY ROID I too use an Acer W3 really well with you get better audio if you plug in even just regular computer speakers. I love the creepy look of your Gynoid...


Thanks for her name... She will get a torso and maybe my wife will put a proper dress on her.. LOL.. It will be interesting when her "grippers" stick out her sleeves. I am going for the tablet once she is scripted.. Any advice on scripting? Speakers are going to be included. Thanks,



@Ron.... Stay in client mode... The tablet should connect same as you other PC does...


Thanks Rich,

Nice to hear I can leave it.

Cool about the article In Maker.. Happy for you.



We'll get you up an running so no worries @Ron....Get your bot more or less assembled and we can get him chasing a ball in no time....



A little off topic,

Were you looking for a simple 3D program? I was at an Electronics store and the guy had a 3D printer. He made a couple of parts for me which came out pretty good. He showed me a program that I think you may want to look at. It is free off the internet. It is called TINKERCAD. Type it in and check out the videos. The price is right and it may be a way to go.. The store guy loves it and can make some cool stuff using it.