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Using A Joy Stick To Take Pictures With Snap Shot

Hello everyone,
I have a question about the snap shot control. I want to be able to take a picture with a joy stick button push, but only then. It seems the snap shot control will take a picture every so many seconds that you set it to. I don’t want to fill up my hard drive with unwanted pictures. I got everything to work, except it takes pictures on intervals by its self as well. So, anybody know if the interval timer can be turned off in the snap shot control?


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Easy... Delete the snapshot control and just map one of the buttons in the joystick control to take a snapshot...


ControlCommand("Camera", CameraSnapshot)
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Assign the snapshot ControlCommand() to a button...


ControlCommand("Camera", CameraSnapshot)

This takes one picture.
Thanks for the quick reply,
Yes I understand the edit scripts. I have the joy stick, camera and the snap shot controls running. I scripted the joy stick button 1 to ControlCommand() a snap shot. That all work fine. All 3 have to be running in order to work. Just setting the joy stick button to take a snap shot without the snap shot control up wont work. The issue is the interval timer. I can’t turn it off and with everything running; it still takes a snap shot without using the joy stick every so many seconds. I can’t find any script edit on the snap shot control and nothing in the camera control for the snap shot function. Thanks for all the help. May be I just not seeing it.

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Yeah it will work, that's why I was 2 minutes behind Richard, I was testing it.

Add a camera control
Add the joystick control
In one of the buttons assign the script command


ControlCommand("Camera", CameraSnapshot)

Pressing that joystick button will take a photo and store it in the specified location (specified location is in the camera settings, by default it is My Pictures/My Robot Pictures

Here's an example project

And the resulting snapshot from my test
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Thanks. I must have did something wrong. I didn’t doubt you all, but just after your first post I tried it and it didn’t work. Don’t know what I did wrong, but you all are correct and its works fine now. Thank you Rich, Richard and DJ for all the quick help. I don’t know what I would do without you all. Problem solved!
Geez Rich, you should pick up the place a little before taking a picture....:P
Rofl, yea that was a close one:)
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@Richard, you're lucky I had clothes on!..
@airwave1206 I recommend reading the scripting link that I provided earlier. Please read it because there are many commands that are called "Control Commands" for each control. For example, the snapshot control has a ControlCommand() that takes snapshots. You can preview the available control commands in the Cheat Sheet tab when editing scripts.

The EZ-Script manual is a list of functions. The ControlCommand() syntax is specific to each control. The ControlCommand() parameters cannot be listed in the EZ-Script manual with the functions. If the ControlCommand() parameters were listed in the EZ-Script manual, it would be a hundred+ pages long.

So instead, the available ControlCommand() parameters are displayed in your Cheat Sheet tab when editing a script. The parameters displayed are specific to the controls in your project. Please read the scripting link that I had provided earlier for information on how it works.

If you read the scripting link, it will explain how it works with photos. Here is the link again for your convenience: EZ-Script Introduction

It will be worth your time:)
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