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Use A Joystick/ Gamepad With Sabertooth Simple Serial

Hey guys, is this possible, i was playing with it last night and looked like you could only control it that was if it was a servo , or leave the box checked and it connects to the movement panel. The ? help button, only got me so far. I would like to be able to move the robot from point A to point B manually when it is not doing its job. Like to roll back to the garage to charge or swap batteries. Thanks!

At this time I am using sabertooth simplified serial panel , and I have a Microsoft Game pad / Xbox 360 game pad ( but this was the kit with wireless receiver for the pc. )

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OK, So I believe I see where I went wrong.I have a microsoft ( xbox 360 style) wireless PC gamepad. Maybe ARC is not seeing the controller? That gamepad has a slightly different layout. Should I ditch the microsoft pad and grab one of the logitech?

I can certainly try reinstalling the windows drivers later tonight.

I was just trying this because I already had it, I lost my logitech I used before.

Maybe google to see how to get that controller working with windows since it’s not a windows controller. Internet is your friend.:)