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Usb To Computer Now With Update?

Ok so

ez-b v4.x/2 comm expansion configuration utility

with new update.. Does this mean some how some way my dream of USB to computer has happened and I just dont know how to wire it? Or is this a preemptive update with the how to follow ? :D


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pre-emptive. New com board under development. DJ has talked about maybe adding USB capability, this seems to confirm it is at least being tested.



Currently you can't wire your ezb4 for USB... looks like this is for the ezb4 1/2 right now.... And as Alan mentioned the new ezb4 1/2 (and upgrade board) could be here tomorrow (@DJ had mentioned January/Feb as a time line) or June. We're still waiting for other new products that were announced last April....To top it off China is on it's one month holiday right now... so sit tight... :)


The new comm board is not under development. The new comm board is in manufacturing and will be shipping March/April. All developments for it are done, and we use it in house.

The expansion board connects to the new comm board to allow USB connectivity direct to your PC. You lose the camera port, but that's okay considering the onboard PC is better off running a USB camera anyway.


@DJ That's really interesting so does the expansion board connect (plug into) through the existing ezb camera port?... Can I assume the expansion board is something different than the ezb4 1/2 upgrade module or is it an all in one deal?...

Any chance for a sneak peek video of the board(s):)


The expansion board is an add-on module that has two functions, which can be identified in the utility or the respective manual page. The board connects to the ez-b v4.x/2 camera port. It only works with the v4.x/2, it will not work with earlier versions.

The UART mode pass-through allows uart data up to 3.3 mbps to transparently connect to the PC over WiFi, and acts like a regular buffered serial port on the pc. This is useful for connecting directly to a Lidar sensor, for example over wifi.

The USB mode allows the expansion module to control the ez-b via usb directly to a pc. The WiFi is completed disabled in this mode for power consumption and rf interference.


DJ, this is really cool. Now if I could only find my good webcam (I think now I left it in a hotel on a business trip a year ago. I have looked everywhere else it could be).


United Kingdom

USB? Quite simply... this is just great.:D

Nice one DJ.


Any info on where we can purchase this Comm Expansion adapter?


I believe it is still in the prototyping and manufacturing process. I believe it is to be released in june.


Comm expansion is for the v4.x/2 only and will be shipping when the current v4.x/1 inventory is gone.


I am sorry, I am confused. If I bought an EZ-B-v4/2 in Decemeber of 2016 do I need to purchase this EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade to do USB to a PC. Also, where do I get the UART to USB cable?




If you have a 4/2 you don't need to buy the comm upgrade. That converts a 4/0 into a 4/2.

Here is a tutorial that includes what you do need and how to use it:

I just got my USB adapters Saturday (my old one would not work on Windows 10) so i am going to try to do this later today).




Wow! Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed.

So if I have already have an FTDI cable and jumper wire with the camera cable, I am good to go correct?


I just hooked up this one to my EZ-B and it worked perfectly at 921600 from 2 different computers. Unfortunately, I also discovered that the battery in my Acer W3-810 tablet is shot. It works plugged in, but is sitting at 12% charge and won't take a charge, so now I need to find another computer to use as the embedded device in my robot:( I have a VOYO V2 that can run headless,, but it sometimes overheats, so I would be afraid to use it in a robot, and I liked the idea of having a touchscreen on the robot so I didn't always need to have another computer running to work with it. Off to gearbest and eBay to see what is available these days...



Hi Alan,

Is the Latte Panda on your list? I wanted to get an opion if this was a good computer to consider.




Is the Latte Panda on your list?
If I decide to go headless it looks like a good affordable choice. I found I can get a replacement battery for the W3, but it is a little tricky to replace and costs quite a bit, so more research needed.

I thought I found a good cheap tablet at Gearbest, but you can't use the USB port while it is charging, so that isn't good for a robot I want to run for hours.



i like the latte panda - put TightVNC on it or use RDP and you won't need a screen. There's plenty of iOS VNC clients as well. I prefer RDP because it is faster.

Although, nothing beats actually seeing the screen on your robot:D


Yeah, there are some design reasons I wanted a screen. I have a couple of olf Xenarc 7".screens I could use for a local display but they are only 800x600 resolution and not touch screen, so won't be good for EZ-B, but maybe OK for some of the other purposes.

Decisions, decisions....



With the time ppl like u and i spend programming robots, might need to spoil yourself. If the tablet doesn't "Feel right", it'll be a bad experience.

Might need to splurge:D


Yeah, but then I need to convince my wife.... I can't even get her to spend part of a day visiting EZ-Robot when we go to Banff for our 25th wedding anniversary this summer. Spending more than about $100 on another robot part will be a hard sell (particularly when we are spending a fortune going to Banff this year).



I know better than to get involved with someone's anniversary plans... I'll stay out of that one:D

Although it would be good to see u. And to check out our new digs.

Gotta get Richard r out here to visit again soon as well.


Decided to order a replacement battery for the W3-810. I may still wind up doing a headless computer, but I have a secondary use for the tablet, and would miss not having it available (when I am on call for work, but want to go for a bike ride or hike, the tablet is small enough to take with me). Found an instructable that made the replacement look relatively painless.