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Upload Script To Controller?


Is there a way to upload and executed scripts on the controller itself, so a computer communicating with the controller, will not be needed?



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nope, that's the beauty of the Ez-b. no need to upload anything to the controller. the closest thing will be using a mini itx with your robot build.
Thanks Derrick,
Although I didn't mean to program a chip or something of the sort.

I meant that if i could upload my script to the controller, after testing it with the computer connected, and from there on, the controller would not be dependent on the need for a computer to be around, of course if i don't need for my specific application any joystick or keyboard control, but only speech control, so, that could open new possibilities.
United Kingdom
No. You need a PC for the EZB to operate
The controller would need to be as powerful as your computer:) that would make it cost just a tiny bit more:D
Hmmm, i guess that is a convincing reason... :P