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United Kingdom
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Upload New Avatar Not Working

Just tried to change my avatar on here but it wont save it...

Pretty sure I know what I'm doing and doing it right but to cover all bases this is how I've tried.

Image is JPEG format
Image is 120x120px
Selected the file and clicked upload
Page reloads
Old avatar remains

Tried it quite a few times too.


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Cant wait to see what you look like now! :)

Hope you get it worked out.
United Kingdom
It's only Melvin's head since I cleaned it up and removed the background for integration with Jarvis' web based UI... or at least, for putting the graphics and buttons in place ready for when I figure out how to integrate it. But that's a whole other topic that'll be coming (and the reason I've been busy lately).
User-inserted image

One other thing I guess I should have mentioned, I'm using Chrome if that makes a difference.
Oh, good thing you explained that. I may have thought you had decided to shave your head. ;)
It works - your browser just cached the image:)
@Rich, you may want to hold the ctrl key while you refresh your browser. It helps clear the cache. I had to do that a couple of times but you look like melvin now;)
United Kingdom
Yeah it's all sorted now. The problem was it was such a small file and at my upload speeds it was as if nothing happened, no change in image on the settings page or any forum pages made me assume it was a problem with the site...

It took a few ctrl+f5s to refresh it, and last I checked my settings page still showed the old image but it was a cache issue.
Ok Rich! I am now inspired to change my avatar as well