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Updated Needed For Script Help

Small fix/correction suggested for the "Script Help". The Script Help states:

IsConnected( boardIndex )
Returns TRUE or FALSE if the specified EZ-B board index is connected
Example: $status = IsConnected(0)

It does not appear to actually return a value of TRUE/FALSE it returns a value of 1/0, where 1 means connected and 0 represents disconnected.

This leads me to a question on how to use "Print". In my code below the value for $status is printed (either a 1 or a 0 for connected for disconnected).


$status = IsConnected(0)

If I run this from the options (or edit) of a script and then select the console tab and run it, I see the printed output. Is there any other place I can see the printed output, or not so much? This makes me want a virtual LCD screen to print things too. :)

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IF(IsConnected(0) = 1)
$Status = "True"
$Status = "False"

Pop that in a script in script manager somewhere and call it with ControlCommand each time you want to check status to save typing it each time.

Not sure if you wanted a work around or not but there it is anyway:)

P.S. Virtual LCD sounds awesome however since different LCD displays are controlled differently it may not be as useful as first thought. What I have done is resized the script control so it displays the correct number of characters and rows which works for the most part:)
In programming, this is the same for TRUE...


if ($x = true)



if ($x >= 1)

And this is also the same for FALSE...


if ($x = false)



if ($x = 0)

Remember, that TRUE and "TRUE" are no the same thing