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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Up Board - Accessibility Of Pinouts With ARC


I have a question concerning the Up Board (it is more and more difficult to resist to this one :)).
Are the pinouts of the Up board accessible with ARC (like an EZB)? I have noticed that there is 40 of them, including UART, and it would be really cool if it was possible to connect the Roomba directly to the Up Board and control it with the the Roomba Movement Panel!

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Yah the UART is accessible. You simply select the appropriate COM port from the drop down and off you go.

As for the I/O ports, that's a different beast. They are accessible but it's a lot of work and realistically, they can only turn ports ON and OFF. The drivers for the hardware was never fully completed - also, it's a pain even to get that much working.

If you need servos or fast digital i/o, it makes sense to connect an arduino or ez-robot ez-b v4 to the up board with a usb cable (not wifi)
OK, I get it. Too bad the I/O ports of the board are not more useful...
That’s one of the downfalls (or challenges) of hardware manufacturers/designers. Is not fully understanding the need for hardware by software users. 

in the case if raspberry pi or Up board, they both have almost unusable I/o for robotics. The up board copied raspberry pi - because of its popularity not because of its usefulness. 

The latte panda was smart and put an Arduino onboard for the I/o. 

either way, a usb connection provides access to real I/o boards for servo and stuff