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New Zealand

Ultrasonic Sensor Position?

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

I am building a quadruped robot. I have finished the body and I am now designing the head. My question is : will the ultrasonic sensors work in this position on top of the head? or should I move them more forward? I have never used Ultrasonic senors before.

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United Kingdom

Very nice quadruped robot design! regarding the ultrasound sensor location, I think they would need to be moved forwards and not set back on the head, as you might be restricted in detecting objects on the ground, I suppose it depends on how far the head can move downwards to detect objects right in front on it??
I’m with cem / love the design but the sensor appears to be facing upward 

The very center of the eye on the head could have a small camera inside:) have you thought of that? The ezrobot camera is super small and would fit well. I’m hoping you’re putting an rgb led behind the head eye as well because that would really add a lot of emotion with color changing
cool robot.witsch servo's do you gonna use.
New Zealand
User-inserted image

Thanks for the advice. Its really important to get everything right before 3d printing everything. I have moved the sensors to the front. The head will be able to swivel up and down as well as left and right. I will also mount the camera in the centre of the white spherical eye. A light behind the eye would be interesting.  I will try to get the eye to move around if i have enough space inside the head for 2 extra servos. I have been trying to design a compact eye mechanism (check pic below). I have 3d printed it and it works well, its just to big (100mm long). However, I have a few ideas to make it more compact.
User-inserted image