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Ultrasonic Radar Screen Display

Help Please I have added the ultrasonic radar to my project. I tested it with the 3 different controls and can not get a full display of the scan. It shows about 55 degrees of scan and the rest of the display is black. I know the scan starts at some point below the bottom left hand side of the screen by watching the "servo" info at the bottom of the screen. The display starts to show the scan line at 40 and quits at 100. Otherwise it is working OK.

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Are you on a current version of ARC and are you using an EZ-B v3 or v4?. This was fixed a long time ago to work with v4. It might have broken v3 support.



Hi Sorry I was unable to reply right away. I am using the sensor on a v3 and I have the current version.


I suspect that is the issue... The v3 servos movement positions are between 1 and 100. The V4 has more granular control and the positions match the degrees (at least on 180 degree servos) 1-180.

The fix that DJ did was to make the radar recognize the 1-180 positions. I suspect in doing so it broke support for the V3 1-100 positions.



I THINK I understand the servo movement position issue. From that info I deducted that if I remove the sensor from the servo and I rotate it by hand I should get a display of the full range on the screen. I still get only a partial display. It is very highly possible that I do not understand your explanation fully. Let me know. Alain


it isn't reading hte actual position of the sensor, it is deriving the direction of the servo based on where it thinks the servo is pointed. But since the range of movement on a V3 is 1-100 not 1-180, it isn't accurately representing the direction it is facing. (assuming I am correct as to the root cause).



Hi Here we are almost a year later and I still can not use the ultrasonic sensor that was supplied with the V3 developer kit. I just want to pass on my knowledge on the use of the ultrasonic sensor with the V3.
After going through all the discussions many times over and taking in all the tutorials many times as well, I could not use the sensor as was described in the tutorials (when I bought the kit) and as it is today.
After the last update to this post I decided to purchase a few sensors and made sure that everything I went over in the tutorials and the forum was applied to the project. I have the proper voltage to the sensor, the proper quality of wires, the correct connections, etc, etc. I still see only a third of the scan on the display and the distance is always 255.
I understand that changes were made to suit the V4 and that caused the sensors to become useless on the V3 in regards to the display on the radar screen. Did the change also mess up the distance readings? Many comments were made to the effect that the sensors are not very good and that one should consider a better quality sensor. Then my question is how would a better sensor work on the V3 if the changes to suit the V4 are the cause of the problem? I am sure that there are many V3 still being used and equipped with ultrasonic sensors.


The EZ-B v3 was discontinued 3 years ago. New feature are not designed to support the deprecated v3. If you wish to read more about specific controls, there is a popup and dialog when ARC is loaded that instructs how to press the ? (question mark) on controls to view the manual page. Press the ? (question mark) on the desired control to view the manual page.

In your case, press the ? (question mark) on the ultrasonic radar scan to view the manual page.

It is recommended to upgrade to the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller as the v3 has been deprecated 3 years ago. You can find info about the buy back program here:


@Island fox


and the distance is always 255
If the ping reads 255 continually then it is either defective or not hooked up correctly... Try a different port. If it still reads 255 then refer to what I mentioned above... As @DJ mentioned it's time to upgrade to the V4. Why beat a dead horse?... $179 gets you the V4 developer's kit which will include a new ping sensor and a whole lot of less frustration to boot... Also I think EZ Robot is still giving a $50 store credit for your old ezb3 (you mail it in to them)...


Development kit It is shipped with voltage regulator connected to ultrasonic sensor , pls check "out " connection of regulator is connected to ultrasonic sensor. Found on opening two development kits both were incorrectly connected.


@Bravia I think the OP is using an EZB3 so no need for a voltage regulator. Unlike the EZB4 the ezb3 regulates it's digital and analog pins to 5V with built in 5V regulator...




The most recent Ultrasonic Distance Sensor only uses one connector (not 4 wires like previous version).
I saw that, nice. Adding a built in v-reg is a serious bonus... Going to be adding a few of those pings to my next ez robot order:)


THANKS EVERYONE. I do have JD and therefore I have a V4. I just wanted to continue using the V3 and add the ultrasonic sensor but obviously it is out of the question. I will return the V3 for the credit and purchase a comm 2.
How exactly do I check if the V4 in my JD should be upgraded?


There really is no need to upgrade the V4 in your JD. The upgrade board sold in the EZ store is mostly for do it yourself builders that really put a demand on the comm connection and their applacations are really doing lots of stuff. Your JD should run just fine using the EZB it came with. Of course it wont hurtto upgrade but I don't think you'll notice any differance.