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Ultimate Wall E

Anyone know how many sizes of this there are? Ive been checking ebay and seen a few different ones. Im looking for a fairly large one


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The ultimate is the largest one they have. I dont know its size but they are also far more expensive.

The u-command is what I used. It has the following configuration 2 servos for track movement 2 servos to lift or lower tracks 2 servos for each arm, in out and up down 2 servos for the neck 2 servos to control eye movement 2 servos for eyelids

It also has the follwing components

IR sensor for edge detection ping sensor for object avoidance temp sensor tilt sensor compass led's to indicate battery level photo sensor for light detection camera in eye

I modified the V4 to bypass the base. This give far more room. I also used ubec's to limit power to those devices that need to be limited. This saved space. The speaker in the EZB v4 was loud enough for me without the base. I also built a power distribution panel to prevent from having to cut wires.

I power him off of 2 7.4v 2000mAh lipo batteries. These are run in parallel and I have run them 3 hours solid while programming movements and run them down to about 7.8 volts. This is a lot of movement. One is velcro'd on the bottom of the robot. The other is inside the robot. The entire robot is closed.

I say all of this to help you to understand that the U-Command is probably plenty large unless you want to do some other things beyond what I have done. You just have to make a few modifications and you will be good. If you are going for even more and money is no object, pickup the big boy and have fun. If I could have found one for a reasonable price, I would have.


@d.cochran Thanks for all the info. Its been a huge help and answered alot of my questions. I believe the Ultimate is 16 ". How large is yours? I think the U command is going to be more than enough after reading your post.


The U Command is going to have to be enough for you.... Finding an Ultimate Wall-e is going to prove extremely difficult... And the cost.... I saw a broken Ultimate Wall-e sell for over $500 US on eBay a few months ago....


about 10 inches. The big ones are going for around $750 (working condition) on ebay right now.


@ Richard R Yea, U Command seems like my best option price wise.

@ D.cochran I saw the price on it. I was shocked. I could have a army of omnibots for that. No thanks! Have you ever had to remove the treads or replace them? Im watching one on ebay now 12" but he seems to be missing threads


Nvm, answered my own question with search. Thanks for all the info!


treads are easy to remove and replace. Mine was probably about 12 inches prior to all of the modifications that I did to him. I shortened his neck drastically because of the weight that I was adding to the head. 4 servos and a camera = some difficult times for a small servo. I have since increased the size of the servo there, but like the look more now. it looks more normal, i guess is the word I am looking for.


LOL. Yea, I would love to do that with an EZ-B. It would give that one the option to be something other than a remote control huge Wall-E.


yeach one that listen to your voice.