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Uart Update Success And Then A Tiny Little Bug Showed Up

I've been successful with communicating with the Dynamixel servos through the UART port. I'm able to send position instructions to all my servos and then send a command so that they move all together. I'm also able to get position information from them as well, BUT that's when I found another little bug.

I can't TX 34,40 and 92 without an error "missing quotes" and when trying to read the RX data in the buffer, if there is a 10 anywhere except the end I get the error "missing quotes".

Thanks DJ


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Thank you for posting , I too have just ran into similar issue.


Interesting! I'll take a peek at that


I'm learning as I go but I thought the UART port would have no issues TX and RX unsigned integers.

Does DJ have to write software specifically for the UART ports ?