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Uart On V4 Ezb.What Is It?

A UART is usually an individual (or part of an) integrated circuit used for serial communications over a computer or peripheral device serial port. UARTs are now commonly included in microcontrollers.

can anyone break that down for me, please.
I thought that's exactly what the ezb itself does....im sorry I don't get this new feature.

any help is greatly appreciated.


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Do you know how every port on the EZ-B v3 can send TTL serial data? It's the same thing but it will receive.

Here's a link to the v3 hardware page: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Hardware.aspx

it explains what Serial means.

As for EZ-B v4, we're working on getting a spec page up and more info. Patience:) There's A LOT happening right now. Everything takes time - specifically the amount of work to accomplish what we're doing . As we're proud to be the only company in the world doing this:D
word, I hear ya. thanks man.

not to keep bugging you but maybe someone else can chime in.

I found the following in the link you provided.

"Example peripherals for serial communication are LCD Screens, Motor Controllers, servo Controllers, Computer Communication, Arduino Communication, iRobot Roomba and more."

So, with the UART port, devices can now send back info to the ezb, instead of the board just sending info to them?

Does that mean it can communicate to my ICreate/Roomba. That would be great. It would be nice to run Icreate in a different mode that would receive info on the sensor packets (extra wire to ICreate/roomba?). There is so much potential in the ICreate!
Please explain how I can do that. I hope it will support that. Help on ICreate is more important than a spec page.
Who will be giving info on doing that and adding modifications to my ICreate? Sounds like what I wanted. Waiting for descriptions, tutorials, and details.
Great advances on EZB.
I am very patient, I waited a long time to get a EZB3.
Steve s
Steve... I can read sensor packets from my Create via a Basic AtomPro... Pretty simple...So I am sure DJ has this in EZB 4... I have no experience using the EZB, but I am hoping this will be short lived as I have a couple of pre orders already with EZ-Robots...
Can you use cliff sensors and wheel encoder infomation? Have you used info for any routines?
There are different modes that ICreate/roomba units can operate in. Cliff sensors and bumper functions do not operate in EZB mode. These items would be a great safety features.
I think this will be a great advancement for ICreate/Roomba users.
Thanks for your input and keep us informed on future experience.
Steve s
@Steve S... I am able to read all the roomba's sensors via the basic atom Pro, including cliff sensors and mm (as in distance) travelled... However, the basic atom pro, has none of the advanced features that EZb has... Also, I don't think it is appropriate we discuss a competitor's product here on the EZB forum... I am still confident you will prefer the EZb over the Basic atom... I am sure DJ will have what we need reading serial in and out...
I am hooked on EZRobot:) and look forward to this great new feature on EZBV4. ICreate/Roomba platform users will have a whole new world of robotics thanks to EZRobot.
Thanks for your input and keep us informed on future experience with the new EZB4.
Steve S
Here is my current iRobot Create setup (using the Basic AtomPro)... Hopefully soon to be replaced by the EZB... Right now it uses ping (SRf05) to navigate.... It also still incorporates the bumper and drop sensors in case the pings fail to pickup objects and such.... Actually, I was thinking the AtomPro would be a great secondary brain next to the EZB.... To handle tasks that are obviously beneath the EZB.... :D... Yes, I realize I am not taking my own advice by continuing to discuss the Atom...
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I think you will really like the EZB coming from a Atom. It's like going from a gameboy color to a ps3:)