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Twitter Messages

I noticed something interesting while testing the Twitter function. If my message to Tweet is the same as something I previously Tweeted, such as "This is a test." I received an error stating: System.Exception

If I change the message by one character, the message would Tweet out. My guess is this is by design so ARC does not SPAM out messages? If it is by design that is rather clever.

My new robot named "DATA" has his own Twitter account. He's not posting much yet, but he's going to start blurting out more on is own.

P.S. @SteveS - You inspired me to name my robot DATA after seeing Lal.


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That is a very cool looking robot. The Star Trek insignia adds to the look of "Data".
Does it have a wheeled drive system?
Looking forward to future blurts and your showcase post, when you are ready.
Steve S
That is because twitter does not allow you to tweet the same message - it's their spam regulations.
Do you if there is a time limit between tweets of the same message. Like if I wait 10 minutes I can retweet?