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Tutorials Kinda Vague?

The ez boxbot instructions seem to end at step 11 with the servo panel. Where are the rest of the tutorials?


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United Kingdom
What's missing from the tutorial for it?

I haven't read the tutorial for a while so can't remember what it covers and what it doesn't but if you let us know where you got up to and what else needs to be set up we can help you by explaining what to do.
The tutorials for the box bot tell you how to load the servo panel and get the wheels to move then seem to end there. #12 congratulates you on finishing.
Am I missing something?
United Kingdom
I don't know. What isn't covered in steps 1-11 (sorry I can't check the tutorial at the moment).

What else do you need help on to get the boxbot moving? What have you got that isn't set up?
The tutorial has you assemble a box bot with arms, a neck and a camera as well as the wheels. At the end of step 11 after the wheels move using the servo panel the instructions refer me to the next tutorial. There isn't one. Step 12 congratulates me on finishing. Let's say I want to make the arms move or move the neck joints? What's the next step?
There's several more box bot programs but no tutorials to help a beginner through them.
Thanks for the feedback Machine27, we're going through our tutorials and will be updating them over the summer. Please feel free to comment on what you would have found helpful in building your first box-bot. :)

We appreciate your insights.

The robot you see in the picture was to be run with a BS2. I decided to give the EZ-B a try instead. I did all the machine work and design on this robot. Everyone who's seen it in person says how cool it turned out.
I really want to make it function with the EZ-B so I'll continue to try the tutorials.
United Kingdom

The arms use 2 Vertical servos set to the digital ports which the servos are plugged in to.

The neck, if you want to have it move manually is a vertical servo and a horizontal servo again set to the digital ports plugged in to.

You can also use a few different controls for the neck, the servo pad for instance.

For camera tracking the neck servos need setting up in the camera options. Click on the settings button and set up the x and y servos as required.

If you need more info or help I can post up some screenshots later on today when I finish work, just ask and I'll pop some up.