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Is there no coding manual for the sdk in c#? For example how can i write a program that move a servo to a position when pressing a button? Or how to make a program that flashes a led when i say "light" using the voice recognition? How do I use the radar mapping with ping sensor in c#?

Or basically: How to turn on a led when clicking a button?

My goal is to make a robot with weels that will self navigate in my room. Can anyone help me on the right direction?



Upgrade to ARC Pro

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In the SDK there are examples to do a lot of things. Use your imagination, if you Know a little C# you can use all the examples to build your own program.

But if you have no experience in Programming VB of C# it's better to use the ARC.

But to be sure the ARC has a lot all - in.

So why bother making it al agian. Dutch "Waarom het wiel opnieuw uitvinden" English "Why try reinvent the wheel again"

Hope you have enough info:)


But I cannot get any of the tutorials in the sdk to run. See error below:

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Any tips?


first you have to be sure you have : Windows 7 or windows xp sp3 Speech recognition installed speech recognition disabled

include the EZ-B dll see readme included

if you use x64 make the debugger x86 disable lock see readme


eg, dont use the sdk, use just the ARC, its a lot easier, no coding required almost


Did you read the README.TXT file? Sorry, i can't teach you to program:) I'm sure there is a class you can take or some online videos to introduce you to c#? the SDK has 24 examples.

  1. Add the EZ-B.DLL file to your project as "Add Reference"

  2. Make sure your project type is set for 32 bit (not 64 bit)

  3. and make sure your project is set for .Net 3.5

And read the readme.txt file:)


Hi I am trying to learn to use the C# When I first start hade the same problem as avobe, I follow few tips that are in the C# stuck and now I dont have that messeage any more. but now I get the following.

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What shoould I do next?