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Turn Off Low Battery Warning

Is there a way to permanently turn off the low battery warning?


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Click on the gear in the connections block.
Click the settings tab, look at bottom for box to uncheck.
You understand this is a very bad move, right? Perhaps all you need to do is lower the voltage at which the warning takes place? But don't lower it much.
United Kingdom
It's only a bad move if running LiPo batteries. If running on a lower voltage you may be constantly receiving low level warnings when batteries are fully charged. If batteries are not Lithium based, under voltage should not permanently damage the battery.

I plan to use one of my EZ-Bs running from a USB supply, this would be 5v and would constantly sound the low warning alarm. In this instance, disabling the alarm would not cause any issues.

It all depends on circumstance.
I am not using batteries and want to turn off the alarm permanently.