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Transport Track Platform And Motors To Pull 20Lbs.

Hi everyone, I'm Dave, and even though I have dabbled in small robots over the years, I have regained my interest and have a few projects in mind. All that said, the first one is a little bigger then I have attempted in the past. I need some expert advise (or just advise) on a track (tank style) platform that will hold and transport around 20lbs. I have purchased the ez-robot kit and I'm afraid that the motors might not handle pulling that much weight. So, what should I do? Any suggestions?

Oh and of course, I have a limited budget, so I'm not adverse to building the platform, but would like to know what the best motors and track kit would work, and mainly if ez-robot kit can handle the control. I appreciate any guidance that you can share.


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if by motors you mean servo motors then all you need to do is google "10kg servo motors" as 10kg=22lbs. Maybe other people might be able to be more help. .

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10kg servos will lift 10kg at 1cm from the spindle. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll pull 10Kg.

Newtons law "a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon" and all that. Which basically means that once the load is moving the motors only need to counter the losses and resistance for it to continue moving.

However, without blinding with science, you will be better off driving the tracks using motors and a H-Bridge. Provided the motors can cope with the load and the H-Bridge can cope with the power consumption of the motors then the EZ-B will be able to control it.

A few people have successfully powered wheelchairs, ride on toys etc. with the EZ-B with no problems. It might pay to look down these lines. I saw Josh had a video of an Omnibot gearbox under load, he may be able to provide more information on how much that pulled.

Off the top of my head I can't remember how to calculate what motor is required, google will no doubt have the answer to that.

In short, yes the EZ-B is capable of controlling what you need it to control.


Wow, thank you both for the info and quick response ..... I think it's making more sense to me .... after reading you r responses and researching this a little more, The H-Bridge and motors make sense for what i want to do. I appreciate it. THX


I have the 4wd (4 motor) version of the Dagu rover 5 and the Dagu 4ch motor controller and although I haven't tested what it can pull I'd say 20lbs would be doable. Under weight the tracks of the rover 5 tend to dismount but with a few mods you can keep them on (a bracing rod between the left and right side both front and back will solve this I think as the "arms" tend to bow in). If you really on a budget like I am, sometimes you have to settle for what you can afford, and when you can afford to upgrade you'll already have the software figured out and you won't have waited on money to get started, that being said, you can't really lose with the 4wd rover 5 for tracks on a budget (and you can easily swith to wheels if need be inc. Mechanum and omni)


I have put 20 pounds on top of a 4wd rover and it will get around fine. 15 pounds is a more practical limit because after that the plastic starts to flex a bit.


HERE is a link to a unit that will pull 20 pounds but it will also pull $4050 out of your wallet.

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I just purchase a unit from DealExtreme, still waiting to receive it and I do not have a big amount of information on it but it look promising to at least do some testing before going bigger. It was $39.40 US. I have a bigger project and this one will be my test bench for the software.


Sorry, forgot to upload the picture...

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Again ... thank you everyone .... now, I just have to make some choices. You all have been very helpful, I appreciate your info and knowledge.


I'm not sure how big you're going to build your robot. The B9 builders club guys have been motorizing the tread section of their full sized 300 lb+ replicas with with wheel chair motors. They work great. You can interface them with the EZB with the Sabertooth motor controller: Sabertooth

I know this is not a ready made platform your looking for. You'll have to make your own or adapt something. Just thought I'd mention the motors and controller if you want to got hat route.

At least the Sabertooth could be your interface for a ready made platform. If you get a H-Bridge instead make sure it's AMP rating is high enough to push the motors you choose.

EDIT: Silly me, I reread your post. You want to be able to haul 20 lbs. I thought you wanted to haul 200 lbs. blush