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Transferring Ez Project To Another Computer


I need to transfer my project to another computer and have been unable to do so. I thought it would be as easy as saving the ARC file to USB and then putting it in the project folder but this does not seem to work.

The files is large with audio files and so does not seem to save to the cloud either.

How do I save it to USB and then open on other computers ?

I need to do this so I can run the Robot in all classrooms at the school.

Thanks Cheers Wayne


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Copy the ezb file to a usb thumb drive. Then insert the thumb drive on the other computer and copy it to that computer.

Just like any other file - simply copy the file.


Yep that is what I have tried 3 times before I asked...then I thought I might have to export but not so..... I copy the EZB file into my projects folder from the USB and then when I open My projects nothing is there. I have had the same problem on two other computers.

The file is all working fine on the original computer I created it on....is there in the ARC MY Projects folder......but nothing shows when I go to open file via ARC.

What should I try next ?

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Another way you can do it. If you have your project saved in the cloud, you can download and open ARC on your new computer, find your project in the cloud and open it, then hit "Save" or "Save as" to save the project to the new computer.

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Why do you say it doesn't work? What's not working? Does it open with errors or not open at all?


From what I gather from his post, he can't find the file. when you go to open the file, have you selected the correct path to the file? In not, it will not show up in the list to open.


I tried doing it via the cloud first but it will not save the latest version of the project I created.

I save the file via 'save as' to the USB and then copy it to the My projects folder on the other computer/s. Then I go to 'Open and then click to My Projects there is nothing there. ( the file B-Bot.EZB is there when I look in Explorer though.) I have installed the latest version of ARC.

I have even considered that the USB might be causing a problem but it copies other files with no problem and I have tried another USB with the same result.

I'm quite lost as I have tried all the basic ideas so I thought there must be something I am missing or doing very wrong ?


Verify that you are looking in the right My Projects folder. It should be: C:\Usersyour windows user name\Documents\EZ-Builder\My Projects\

You can also find the file where you copied it in Explorer, and double click it. It will open ARC (or ask what program to open with, and you can select ARC) and then save in ARC and it will save to the right place.