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Torxis Servo: Hard At Work

now this is a strong servo

i want some hehehe

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Strong ain't cheap and that's for sure !:) J.W.


NOt as bad as I thought it would be, but still out of my budget. Maybe I can save up for one????


I will save for some but there is alot of other things im saving for aswell like tools and parts and and and lol glad my rent is cheap


Omg thats ridic!! I want those. I dont know what I'd do yet. But I'd probably lift random stuff. Make a popeye robot! Lol

Seriously though, that's expensive but impressive.


lol popeye robot! i love it

i was thinking convert them for continuest rotasion and use them for drive motors on a small "yard tracker" of some kind

or as waist joints for big bots like jonny 5 one of them could lift alot of bot

another idea is use one or two for a trash compacter on the wall-e bots