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@Troy your link is not working either! :)

United Kingdom

Is this the right video?


LOL yeah that's the one I thought I posted. I should have come back and tested it.


Awesome ! thanks for the corrected link:) ..they look great and the wheels are very different. Stephan Hawking voice and what a crazy barbershopbot quartet! :)


not yet!....but at least its a platform that with a little ingenuety(sp) could be copied. I am thinking with a coouple of clear or colored plastic tubs and jigsaw cut out the pieces and rivot everything together......I guess the wheels are canted to give it more stability? Ive got my own project on the go right now not to mention "the list" ie R2D2, johnny5 B9........


They probably don't belong to Noland Bushnell anymore, I am guessing. Where is the homepage.


Ah, the Androbot. Met it's death in the early '80s!:(Was a very cool concept. Fun Fact: the Founder went on to invent, (wait for it.....) "Chuck E. Cheeses" Kids Restaurant! lol

Here is WHY the wheels are designed that way.


Let's try that again:

User-inserted image


Here's a Bot I built around 10 years ago, based on the same wheel concept. "R.U.B.E.N.", No where near the sophistication of the EZ-B, but I may resurrect him with an EZ-B, instead of the slow Pentium I motherboard it has,,,lol


OH I see, ..... The wheels positioned that way kind of give it the effect of the old blow up punch clowns but with wheels. For the young'ens around here that was a 4' vinyl clown that was blown up like a beach ball and the bottom was round and filled with sand. When a kid punched it, it would fall back with the force of the hit and then roll back upright, ready for another punch. Great fun and a good way for kids to burn off aggression and energy. Don't know if they even exist anymore. The PC crowd and helicopter parents probably have had them banned. tired


lol, yup!, plus it made it easier to maneuver through plush carpet, that was still popular in the 80s!


Thanks RR333(Rob) for the new Robot link(and I thought I had them ALL:) . Your Ruben (your making me hungry..reuben, rye with thinly sliced corned beef,djon mustard,saurekraut topped with pickle...I digress) looks amazingly appetizing ..I mean Amazing! Perhaps you can post a few recent pics on this forum! I believe the rug type was called "shag" dang now I am revealing my age...Also why does the acronym have Rural and Utility (enquiring minds)


Mmmmmm. Rubens!, I know what ya Mean, Irobot58!:) Here's R.U.B.E.N's Detached Head i just found in a His Body has to be elsewhere, around here.....I'll find it and "We can Rebuild Him!" :)lol

User-inserted image


awwww look at that face! wondering why he was in a box for so long.... I know you could revive him, or at least I believe people on the forum would love to adopt him!


R.U.B.E.N. stands for "RURAL UTILITY BOTIC EXPERIMENTAL NAVIGATOR"..... Kind of like N.I.G.E.L. from the old Saturday morning Godzilla Cartoons, the Robot that got trashed every Episode, way before Kenny from South "Utility" was because I wanted to Have R.U.B.E.N. have more Sensors to track stuff/people and carry supply's/tools, like a small Mule) and "Rural", because he had a strong Base that could drive in wooded areas, like the back woods, I live in now.

And sometimes, ya just want a cleaver Name for a Bot, and make stuff up!:)lol