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I will bet there were teams of people building it(her)

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If I was building a robot woman I can assure you she would do more than tell me where the bathroom is a wouldn't tell me to stop touching her breasts;)


JAPAN has the most advance robot ever,too bad the cost to go there and live there is so very high lucky china is low cost to live there

can buy from japan SEGA EVA robot,it gives kisses,talks and more for about $500 and its on ebay i found out,check her video


RICH the video only shows only a few examples,there is so much more and i dont want a robot for touching breasts or for sex,only as for help in the kitchen or ask it questions. SHE would be great to have,instead of a male one,but for sex i have the real thing.

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You kinda totally missed the point of my reply there but nevermind


I've seen this before. Cant you do the same thing with EZ-B scripts, touch and pressure sensors? How exactly is this super advanced?


I think it would be kinda close,but no where near its its design,i be the sensors alone are above $500 each,and most likely the design well over $100000 i have seen special sensors like tongue sensor at $1000 and new smell sensor at $5000

I think JAPAN has more advance microcontrollers,sensors and software then anywhere

Too bad no more detail on it,i guess they want the design to be a secret

I have seen a few robots using simple presssure and touch sensors but still doesnt compare with that design

just think about it ,how does simple scripts compare to software i bet cost well over $5000

But at the same time EZB can make a fairly good touch robot using pressure or capactance touch sensors ,seen a few in toys ,like the MYO PUP i have

Looking to add EZB to my MYO PUP fairly soon,connecting tothe sensors might me hard,it does use capactance type

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Simple scripts can compare to software of any cost.

You want touch sensitive? Easy, fit the right touch sensor, the harder you push or squeeze the different the reading, let's assume it's on an ADC for argument's sake.

Get ADC value loop

Check ADC value against an array of different ranges i.e. soft touch = 0 to 20 some pressure = 21 to 50 medium pressure = 51 to 120 hard pressure = 121 to 190 crushing >= 191

Respond depending on change in value and rate of change will detect if struck quickly.

More sensors for different areas.

Very easy to script. But feel free to pay me $5,000 to write that script for you.

Visually this robot looks good. But we are not seeing anything advanced in how it works here.


Its a very small video on it so the advance stuff you wont see hard to place lots of touch sensors all over the robot,most likely it made in to the skin they are using to get every part of the body for touch you are looking at 5000 or so sensors,mabe less,its like making a touch screen,anywhere you touch it picks it up

And yes the scripts for EZB are super easy i found out so far

i been to a few robot conventions and all say the same JAPAN is so well advance then us in robotics


RICH i can easy make a script,if you need one can pay me $5000 if you like

second famous of all robots is HONDO ASIMO made by japan ,i had a chance to see it up close and it goes for $580,000 and now i heard they made it more advance


Asimo is what I can agree is an advanced robot. This is based on what it does and not on its price.

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But the "advanced" robot in the video isn't Asimo. I think everyone will agree that Asimo is an advanced robot capable of more than the EZB can do. The one in the video, however is not - at least not from what we have seen here.


BUT problem is that video is very very short ,so nobody can say it advance or not

TROY and yes ASIMO is based on what it can do ,,not on the price,but price is what it cost when they are ready to sell it.most likely it will be a $1000,000 ,when its ready for production

Hope soon to see more video's of it,even bet JAPAN robot makers has look at the EZB too,dont know if they bought any,most likely they make very powerful custom boards.

TROY is was great to see ASIMO in action about 2 years back,new design is much more advance and may be production unit much better.