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The Inverted Pendulum

@EZ Robot.... I know you don't have a control for it yet so I am going by the picture of it in the store only. I think I have a pretty good idea of how it works... However, I was wondering if the inverted pendulum can be adapted to drive another type of motor controller in addition to the 360 servo?.... I have been using those cheap Vex $10 motor controllers in various projects and they work great with the same servo commands that can drive the 360 servos.... So I am thinking that if the inverted pendulum could drive those Vex controllers I would be able to build a larger balancing bot with DC gear motors instead of 360 servos....

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Yeah - the inverted pendulum has both a PWM/Servo output and HBridge output.

The control doesn't exist yet because it's in r&d stage on my laptop. I have been hoping to get a free minute to post a video. In summary it works like this... you specify the alignment of the sensor, then there are a few variables regarding the weight and speed of the object and it's motors. Once you've tweaked the values, the robot will balance like a Segway.

It'll work with HBridge and PWM/Servos - so yeah, it'll work with your custom robot. Long as your motors have enough torque and speed to maintain the weight balance.


Sweet! (and added to my shopping list) I was hoping it would.... Vex 393 motors have the speed and torque for a fairly large balancing bot with 5" or 6" wheels... :) To be honest If the inverted Pendulum could handle the current I would slap it on my inMoov....:D


would the inverted pendulum capable to balans a jd?


@Nomad, yes

@Richard, man that will be the coolest inmoov ever!



wow thats great,thanks