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The First Annual Ezrobot Costume Spooktacular

To celebrate the 'spirit' of ezrobot: Revolution's first Halloween, we're having a costume competition!

The competition is open to all ages and ANY type of robot- not just ezrobots! And here's the best part: the winner will receive $100.00 credit towards the purchase of any ezrobot product. Spooktacular! OoooooOOoOoOOoOooooo!

All you need to do is submit a photo or video (under 5MB please, or no treats for you) of your robot in their best Halloween finery and we'll pick our favorite costume, it's that simple!

You can email your submissions to: contests@ez-robot.com.
Last day for submissions is midnight, October 31st.

What will you dress your robot up as? A Scary Ghost? A Pretty Princess? A Rootin' Tootin' Rodeo Cowboy? It's up to you! But remember, we'll be judging your robot costume on creativity and imagination, so have some fun with your costumes!

Good luck to everyone and Happy Halloween!


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Hahaha , the road to hell is paved with arduino users! There aren't too many people who understand what that means in the big picture but I horse laughed out loud at 3 am.

And don't worry everyone knows the Halloween contest popped up unexpectedly so improvising is necessary. :)
@bhouston... Used Sound servo (PC) for the mouth movement... Compared to your inmoov it's not that good. Slapping various parts together just isn't working for me anymore... You have shown me the power of a 3d printer... (:

Thanks @Josh... Could have done a better job if I had more time, especially with movements and facial expressions.....

@Dave... Hey, I resent that :P....Besides, I am a much taller....:P
@Richard R. Your mouth movement looked pretty good. I can't get the mouth on my robot to move like that. I am running the sound out of the speakers in the robot. Maybe I have to increase the volume - would that help? What settings do have your's on in the Sound servo configuration?
@bHouston... If you are using sound servo PC, yes sounds like you need more volume (so that the mic on your PC can pick up the sound better)... Or you could buy a Bluetooth mic and attach it on your inmoov itself.... In sound servo I have update speed set at 100 and scalar set at 1.5... Make sure your Jaw has free movement at least 90 deg... More is better
User-inserted image

Love this one from Dan as well! Makes me want to watch Monster's Inc. ;)
Great costumes and cool videos.

Richard R,
Well said. It was great seeing your Fritz type robot, very interesting.

Nice costume with JD on the garden bot. What was the little 2 wheel bot?

Great pirate, and Spooky(Nomad) JD, and Monster.

Great, very cool Halloween costume! I read your EZ Robot details page, so many accomplishments, and still very busy!
Is this the book that you published?

Haha @Richard R... I am STILL laughing about your video. :D
@aislinn.... If I had more time I had some other ideas too... Like my robot impression of Rich and Jarvis (his house robot) and of course my impression of nomad when he got his JD.... Maybe next year....:)
@RichardR, love your robot and video! This robot does not have a project page does it?
@Justin... thanks man. Sorry dude, no project page.... He really is a smorgasbord of parts... I just stated programing him... I like the fritz head which uses 13 servos for face and head movements and expressions... More work with the auto positioner will really make him come alive so to speak...:)
I've never seen the fritz head before. It looks pretty cool!
Another awesome one by Polk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School STEM Research Scholars... long name!

Do we have the results yet? Just checking I didn't miss something.
i thought the results where comming thismorning?
Hey guys! Just so you know- we have not forgotten! We are just debating the last spot here. We will update you ASAP. ;)
Lol, the suspense ! Good job to everyone. I HOPE that EZ Robot continues these kinds of contests for the holidays , it really brings out some creativity and I am sure it will even more next year !
Oh don't you worry @jstarne... we LOVE doing them. ;)