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[?] The Ezbv4 Can Have Any Ip Address You Want, As Long As It'S

I'm trying to get my laptop to connect to an EZBv4 and my regular wifi at the same time. Which I can actually do, since I am using a USB -> WiFi adapter.

However, my network is also in the 192.168.1/24 range. I thought I would just connect to the EZBv4 and change it's IP scheme/address and all would be fine. Nope. No options to. After poking around looking for a firmware update, it seems there isn't one. I Don't see a firmware version on the main page, though apparently I'm supposed to. presumably, that means I'm up to date.

I found 2 articles here dealing with firmware: Firmware Update Question With Ez-b V4 Ez-b V4 Firmware Error

Side note: I work for an electronics company and updating firmware is a routine task, so I am loathe to assume I'm on "the latest" firmware, especially if I don't know what my current version is and what version "the latest" is.

I could conceivably change my network IP scheme around, which is something I've been wanting to do, but I don't want to do it right now.

Can the EZBv4 change it's network scheme in AP mode?

Do I need to telnet into the (presumably) Linux side and change a text file in there?

Can you even telnet in to the Linux side?


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It doesn't run Linux, so no, you can't telnet in. You are on the latest firmware because no updates have been released yet.

You could put your EZ-B in client mode and attach it to your network, then no conflict.

If there is some reason you can't put it on your network, see the post from DJ about 3 hours ago in this thread:

Apparently the firmware on the wifi chip can be modified with an inexpensive piece of hardware. Presumably you could use that to change the IP address.



The EZ-B v4 IP Address by default is always when in AP mode. This is a hardcoded value and no other information about "the EZ-B having additional IP Addresses" has been promoted. Please provide the link where you found that the EZ-B v4 can have any IP Address and that information will be updated :). I did a quick search and was unable to find where you had read that. Thanks!

To expand on what Alan had mentioned - I am releasing the WiFi firmware opensource for customization. This means you can do more than simply change the default AP IP Network - you will also be able to customize the entire wifi web GUI, etc..

I should have the files and instructions up this week, stay tuned!



Please provide the link where you found that the EZ-B v4 can have any IP Address and that information will be updated Smile. I did a quick search and was unable to find where you had read that. Thanks!

I thought that saying something like "The Ezbv4 Can Have Any <whatever> You Want, As Long As It's <this specific value>" would be immediately apparent that I was joking. I've heard the saying used referring to colors of products, so I didn't make it up. If it wasn't clear, I was trying to be cute, since there's currently no way to change the IP address in AP mode.

Putting the EZBv4 into client mode would work for now, but once I get going with programming this, I'll be taking it to work with me, so constantly switching networks would be a pain.

I'll wait to see what happens with the wifi release.


I picked up a cheap little travel router for < $20 that I set to the same SSID and WPA pass-phrase as my home network, and assigned the EZ-B MAC the same IP address in it just for that purpose. it runs on 5v USB connection, so I can power it from my computer (when I finally build my robot dog, I will actually build the router into the dog, with an inline switch so at home it will be on the home network, but when travelling it will make its own).

This is the router I used, but it does suffer from the slow DHCP reply issue referenced in the linked thread, so if used with multiple EZ-Bs it may not be the best option. With only one EZ-B and starting the computer first, it is fine:



Slightly off topic... @allononmage, drop me an email (my address is in my profile) so I can share something with you off the board (I wish we had private messaging on this forum, but I would rather have DJ doing ARC releases than adding forum features, so there is that...).


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Hello, I have the same problem as yours, my router is working in the 192.168.l.l range. EZBv4 will work also in this range What is the solution for this ?


This thread is a discussion on the first generation ezb v4 in 2015. Presumably you don’t have that same discontinued product. I assume you have an ezb v4.x/2

iezrobot has a great tutorial for their product here: