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Resolved Resolved by Athena AI!

Test Batt In Robot

how do you test a batt in the robot while charging.the reason i ask,see pic.

bad week 3 batt death ez robot,2 batt death bioloid.

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United Kingdom
Patrick, is it the same charger you have been using to charge the batteries that have failed?

If so it could be a faulty charger. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "test a battery", but a LiPo battery ballance charger monitors the voltage of the cells. If it is the same charger you're using and it is faulty by not monitoring the cells being charged, that could be the reason why it's killing your batteries.

Just a thought.
hi steve g

yes same chargers.i messure the volt after charging 8.10 volt
but when i did use them 15 min the volt drops to 7.10 volt.
they where swollen to,so i bouth a new one with the new charger.
in the pic they say test the batt by feeling if they dont get hot,
hard to do when they are in the robots.
i got a little scared cause previous week a batt exploted from cell phone.
it dont burn but heat is enorm.alot of smoke in few sec,chizzling sound.bbbrrr
so am gonne use the new batt and charger together.

thanks for explaining
United Kingdom
No problem. Just please take care. I get what you mean about "testing" it now. You could take the battery out of the robot and charge it so you can do a touch feel to see if it's getting too hot.
some robots like six,galapagos ,you can do but jd am not gonna do that.
next month second charger and am ok.
United Kingdom
Okay. With the new charger and battery, you should be all set.
howlong does it take to complete
steve g

1 bad charger 11.20 volt normal 12.00 volt
the fourth batt is death ,one in jd .seems problem i gess the batts,
are puchered in the jd's robots.got 1.15 hour for charging the other and ,
green led goes out.

my apolegies for making two topics.
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it says solved ai support bot?

it was solved by steve G. thank you.