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Teleconference Robot

Hello. I like to build a teleconference robot. Can the Ezrobot do the task ?

Thanks Mark.


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It sure can and very easily.... EZ Bulder + EZB4 + camera and you're in business... :)


In the sense of filming you as you talk to someone, like a webcam?

Video, yes. Audio, no.

If you put a device to run the robot onboard, you could use it. Or, put a wireless microphone on the robot.

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Sure! You will however need to plan to have a on board computer on you telepresence robot. This is so you can show your face to the person you are talking to. However if you only want to remote view and talk through a speaker the the V4 ezb and v4 integrated camera can do that for you. In my mind it is much more friendly to have a on board tablet showing your video stream to that user as well.


I use this dell tablet , you can use an external USB cam with mic or wifi cam

Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000 quad core 1.8ghz, 2 gb ram, 32gb flash with sd card mountable storage.

Dell Venue 8 Pro


@Technopro... Team Viewer will give him audio and video... so in a roundabout way he can very easily accomplish what he wants...

Sorry @Tech... LOL.... Seems we're all vultures here ready to answer questions for store credits... :P


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All you need is to replicate what other telepresence robots are doing - mount a mobile tablet on it as the "brain". Install Skype, and you're rock'n!

The other telepresence robots simply use a third party video chat, such as Skype - so no different to do it yourself


@DJ.... Hmmm touche, but he will need an ezb to move that bot around....:P



Your links to Newegg only work on mobile, and because their web site is stupid, they aren't re-directing to the product pages, just the home page.



Oh yes yes! Do not forget, you need an ez-b v4:D


How can you control this mobile robot from a place that is faraway from it ?



@RoboticMayor ... Magic, silly....... Just kidding... Over the internet of course.... You can use a program Called Team Viewer which will allow you to control your home PC (and thus ARC) from anywhere in the world... Or, you can do some port forwarding in your home wifi network and log on to ARC from any remote PC (again, over the internet)....


I use 9.99 to buy a year and I access as many other pc's as I want.


The environment I am using the robot in only allows me to connect EZ-B as Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) Mode. So EZ-B is connected to the computer over the computer Wi-Fi, and the computer is not connected to the internet.



@RoboticMayor ... Well that sucks... Unfortunately you will need the internet in order to control an ezb or robot from a remote location...Hmm so there is no way to connect in client mode instead of WP mode so your PC can access the internet as well?


With an on board computer to tablet connected to the ez b in ap mode, and a second nic connected from the computer to the wifi network you would be able to do this with the ez b in ap mode. Telepresence would require a wifi connection that has access to the internet from the pc or tablet if the ez b has to be in ap mode.


I think NIC stands for network interface card... so maybe a wifi dongle in your case?


Thank you all. I prefer to use one application. It will be nice if the HTTP server will provide bi-directional audio and video :D