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Tapping Into The Original

I was thinking again, and I figured there must be a way to get position feedback from a standard servo. I found this forum post outlining exactly what I was thinking.


Basically, you connect a wire to the servos potemeter and another to the ground. You then would connect them to one of the ez-b's adc ports. I am looking to test this with a spare servo I have.


Where have you been? This has been discussed repeatedly over the past several weeks:)

Yes, it works. (limitation of course being the number of ADC ports available).

There's also an open servo project. You replace the pcb in the servo with theirs and it gives you feedback via a serial or i2c line.
@thetechguru I searched but couldn't find what I was looking for odd enough.

@DJ I wonder how that would work considering the different kinds of servos, voltages, motor currents, and so on?

Could someone provide me to links of the other posts?
No need for other posts. Simply connect an ADC wire to the center pin of the potentiometer. Voila. It's that easy.