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Take Heart People

Hey folks -

For all those patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting orders, I'm pleased to announce that the kid's Six arrived today!

It smells great - (may just be the packaging) and I can't wait to see what he does with it!



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Awesome news:)

I'm still waiting for mine to ship but I'm patient. Can't wait to see what everyone does with their robots!


cathie pics please from unboxing.:)


that is wonderful news.



Great to hear Cathie! I haven't even seen a six in its box yet. I would also love to see an unboxing video!

How does it smell? Few people have mentioned our packages smell nice. Does it smell clean, like the future?:)


Nothing Smells Quite Like "Factory Fresh":)

Thanks For Posting The Info @Cathie


Sorry guys,
No unboxing video.

He had a pupil free day at school yesterday, and by the time I got home from work not only was it out of the box - it was assembled!

Due to my vast experience with robotics (cough, cough) I'm afraid the "smell" was about the only part of the package I felt qualified to comment on!

So at the moment his yet unnamed Six is sitting on the bench waiting for him to get home from school today and start programming!

Promise we'll send some video once it learns to wave!


The latest software will be up tonight with example projects for six, JD and roli.

I will also be updating the mobile apps for Revolution Robots:)

Stay tuned! I would do the update now but I'm sitting in a lengthy conference!


That is great news. Been looking forward to the next update for a while. Thanks DJ


That's great news DJ.

Now stop chatting to us and pay attention to your conference!



Oh dear.

So today we learnt all about the "magic smoke". eyeroll

2 lever servos on order to replace the one he fried.


Wow... How did you burn up the servos? Too much voltage? Don't feel bad... 3 months ago I burned up a sabertooth 2 x 5 motor controller by accidently reversing the polarity... We all have been there....


cathie my first bioloid robot,i burn 10 servo's in one download. one bad wire was the cause.


Not sure @Richard - something on back to front maybe.? I'm a Whovian ... reverse the polarity is a real thing?

Ouch @nomad18.08 - you win!?

But in true optimist style, he's turned the "broken" leg into a tail and is working out how to walk on 4 legs!


that was 5 years ago.i can assemble a robot very well now and some programming.

whats a whovian?


A Whovian is a big fan of the Television program Doctor Who. One of the Doctors used to say it!


ah thank you for explaining cathie.


@Cathie it's great to hear you got your order! I agree- can't wait to see some videos! :P

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Just received my Six (however the tracking number in my orders was wrong). Hopefully I'll get chance to build and play tonight however due to personal issues I'm currently experiencing (hence the lack of posting recently) it may be a while before I can post videos etc. - I haven't even managed to take the Six box out of the DHL box yet:(

But anyway, it looks like orders are definitely being shipped and the backlog is being cleared pretty quickly since my Six wasn't one of the first ordered.


@Rich.... Hope things are ok dude... Get back here soon will ya'.... Some of these asinine questions being asked lately are driving me nuts.... :P Thank God Alan's around, though....


@Rich - the Six good to hear! The rest, not so much - hope it resolves soon ....

Having said that - if your absence makes @Richard R use more words like asinine - take your time and get all your ducks in a row!

@Aislinn. He's got it doing some basic stuff - I'll see what I can do ......


Ha, Ha.... @Cathie... I did look it up in the dictionary....;) Wasn't referring to anything you have asked, by the way... I guess I have to remember there is (going be) a lot of young kids asking basic questions....


@Richard R, yeah, we need to expect a lot of noobs, youngsters, and people for whom English is not a first language for a while. They'll catch up.

Just take a deep breath, and if you find yourself getting frustrated let someone else answer so we don't chase them away. We were all noobs once. Heck, I expect to be asking some pretty basic questions about handling electricity properly when start wiring my big bot. Luckily I have learned a lot by reading the forums and playing with my V3 while waiting for the V4 kit (and now Roli since i changed my order) to arrive.

-- but yeah, some of the questions, and worse, some of the wrong answers that are propagating are frustrating.

@Rich , whatever the issues are, I hope they come to a quick and satisfying conclusion. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.



@Alan... "some of the wrong answers that are propagating are frustrating.".... I wasn't going to mention that, so I am glad you did.... You're absolutely right... I need to take a step back...

Cheers Richard

United Kingdom

Thanks everyone. Nothing too drastic, just dealing with an attempted burglary at my home which seems to have made my insomnia even worse and killed my passion at the moment. Security has been stepped up tenfold so all is in hand that can be in hand but it's making my wallet a bit lighter (spending money I had put by for other things but I guess that's life).

Looks like everything is still in order and things are being dealt with anyway. Don't want to hijack the topic too much:) But I'll be back soon enough, I don't stay down for long!..


Hijack away @Rich. :)

Good to know you're okay - and it's a horrible feeling .... been there.


Hang in there Rich. Like Cathie, I've had that same issue happen. Only time and positive thoughts will get you up and about.

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I hope so. I'm just glad they failed.

The delivery of this little fellow has helped me a bit today anyway:)

User-inserted image


Now there's a distraction of the third kind. Soon to be an encounter of the fourth kind.


@Rich... I hope "the little fellow" and Jarvis get along....

I had a break in too a while back.... I got home and found all the lights on... saw the kicked in window in the basement....The first thing I thought about was my cat.... I couldn't care less about my stuff, but I panicked thinking the ass hats that broke in might have done something to my little guy... He was fine.... All I can say is it will pass dude....


good to hear you and your cat are ok. i had ones a break in my car,two windows out and nothing was stolen. but i looked ad the broken windows for about 10 min before i realized, the break in.