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Tablet Movement Control

DJ - I have a couple problems with the tablet Movement Panel in controlling the dc motors in my R2. I am using the little ThinGeek silver ipad suction cup joysticks on the tablet movement panel.

First - there seems to be no dead-man stop option that I can see. When I release the joystick - the motors keep going in that direction - which is too dangerous for a 180lb+ robot! ;-)

Second - there is no control of motor speed - when I move the joystick in one direction the motors go full speed in that direction - as opposed to my RC joystick control which lets me gradually increase the motor speed. Now this may just be an inherent problem with using these stick-on joysticks - because I don't think they can be pressure sensetive on the touch pad.

Any advice you can offer to get around these problems would be greatly appreciated!!


PS. Looking forward to the razor fiona tablet later this year as an EZ robot controller. I am hoping the joysticks on it can solve my above problems. See : http://www.razerzone.com/projectfiona


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Well - I gave up on the silver iPad joysticks - they just don't work right for this application. But I am wondering if some modification of the tablet Movement Panel is possible that causes the movement 'red dot' to centre automatically when you lift your finger off the tablet movement panel? ie - a dead man type switch . I can then put the Movement Panel in the lower corner of the tablet screen and drive with my thumb which workswell enough but should completely stop all motors when I lift my thumb off that panel.
I also recently put in a request for the Touch Tablet Control to have an option to command a stop when released... I believe DJ's working on it.
try using AUTO RELEASE this is what i use and workes good,keeps robot from running away.

for driving i use servo pad with rc motor controller