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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

T265 Realsence Viewer.Exe On An Upboard

Hi DJ.
Have you tested an Upboard Using the realsense Viewer.exe file for the T265. and was able to run the realsence program on the Upboard?

Thanks in advance.

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#1   — Edited
Synthiam doesn’t create the Intel viewer. That’s a question for Intel support. I don’t use that Intel program. 

im not sure where to move this question. It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in the forum. It’s regarding two different products made by two different companies with nothing Synthiam related lol
Go ahead and close this question. I tried it on my regular PC and it’s not seeing the T265.  It seems something is wrong with it I will get a hold of the manufacturing and hopefully it is still under warranty.   On my windows 10 PC that I used it on before I have opened up the viewer and seen the camera. Today it is not working so it’s  the cameras.
Yeah, that's a known issue with Intel consumer products. They do not have a history of committing to supporting consumer channels. The company is better at dealing with large volume enterprise licensing (i.e. CPU's and graphics cards to OEMs).
Yeah it does suck. I sent a request to have it replaced but I think I’m out of luck, waiting to hear back from Intel. The bummer part is I don’t have a working navigation without the T265.  

I guess you can delete this thread.  I’m going to mark closed.

Thanks As always DJ.
That sucks merne. Good luck with finding a solution or replacement.
#6   — Edited
Thanks Dave. 
I don’t think I’ll be getting one.  They are now going for $329.00 on backorder, on the intel site and some people are selling them for over $500.00 on eBay.

I paid $209.00 before intel announce their discontinued them I think?.:(
#7   — Edited
Quick question for DJ.
We do no to need the viewer, once the T256 Is plugged to a USB port it will show up in number 1 in the picture below, right?
User-inserted image

We could also check to see the T256 camera in Device Manager under cameras to make sure the pc see’s the camera is working.
Good news and will have to wait news.:)  Intel realsence accepted my return for exchange.  They will replace the T256 once they get their back orders.  Intel, currently has no date available yet.
That’s great. And too bad about the unknown date. Wonder if they’re making any more it’s too bad