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Swamped With New Robots For Ez-B Modifications

My " friend"?:) found two RC type robots at a garage sale for next to nothing, a roaring Trex and a V2 Robosapian in working condition! Yesterday snooping around a thrift store I drifted thru the childrens section (what was I thinking) and this "YANO Interactive Story Teller The Original San Francisco Toy Makers" popped out at me! I paid the $2:50 and carried him off! It requires 6 volts c type or my own home brew power supply to see what works on it! V4 and its smaller size will be very welcome for these guys!
( Be careful what you wish for):)
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the v2 needs his d-cells to keep standing up.els he will fall over by surten moves.
you can try to find a diagram for rechargebles batterie to use.
Cool , little collection. I am a sucker for wow wee robots. I love how they make a inexpensive robot , they just need some ezb love.
i got some 32 robots.but i need that one speciale ez robot.
@josh you got that right (ezb love)! The wow wee line seem to be quite advanced. @nomad holy moley! 32! " i got some 32 robots.but i need that one speciale ez robot." is what some people say about girl friends!;)
no need for a girlfriend .haha lol