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Swamped With New Robots For Ez-B Modifications

My " friend"?:) found two RC type robots at a garage sale for next to nothing, a roaring Trex and a V2 Robosapian in working condition! Yesterday snooping around a thrift store I drifted thru the childrens section (what was I thinking) and this "YANO Interactive Story Teller The Original San Francisco Toy Makers" popped out at me! I paid the $2:50 and carried him off! It requires 6 volts c type or my own home brew power supply to see what works on it! V4 and its smaller size will be very welcome for these guys!
( Be careful what you wish for):)
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United Kingdom
I picked up a roboraptor (I think that's what it's called) a while back which I planned to throw an EZ-B on but there's very limited space, when I looked it was the V3, hopefully you find somewhere for a V4 to go, otherwise it's a pretty cool bot as stock, mine often roams around my house roaring at stuff:)
sweet! @Rich, limited space for sure, but maybe adding on a backpack of some sort like another raptor chewing or just a " I am off to school backpack":) @nomad .....thanks for the confirmation
Cool robots Irobot58. I think the Robotsapien v2 is fairly tall. Good find.
Steve S
is the v2 a working one?best is to lift the v2 some 5 cm off the ground and chake him.if you see colored little parts,
falling out,dont put batteries in.thats what it calt is confetti.
@Steve thanks Steve! and @nomad The V2 IS working and no confetti!
ok thats a good start.now the best thing to do ,is to see it whit your eyes.if the wires are good inside.
its the two bundles that goes to the legs.there for you must open the chest and the backside,
and feel the wires.if they are hard you need to replace them.i rewired 5 v2.
only the v2 has this problem.why am telling you this ,cause it can be very dangerous.
a v2 can spontane ignite and the smoke is very toxic,you can pass out .
i can help if needed but please check it.
look on youtube robosapien v2 fire hazard
the links dont work
any one hack a v2 ?whits one is the ir to use .and the gnd .thank you

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@nomad, thank you so much for the great advice on the fire hazard issue! I will definitely now, remove the batteries and check out the wiring harness! Its interesting that only the V2 has this poor wiring?! With this robot working so well, its a difficult choice to hack it and install an EZ-B. If it were broken the choice would be a lot easier:) Also it would be better to change out the D cells for a LIPO , install a charging rod on the Robo and have it self charge! Would you know if there is a circuit diagram somewhere on the net? That would make hacking it a whole lot easier!
you can find much info on robocommunity.com.
i can help you restore the wiring.
in the link you will find all info about the v2.
am also on skype as robot elvis
restore v2
the v2 needs his d-cells to keep standing up.els he will fall over by surten moves.
you can try to find a diagram for rechargebles batterie to use.
Cool , little collection. I am a sucker for wow wee robots. I love how they make a inexpensive robot , they just need some ezb love.
i got some 32 robots.but i need that one speciale ez robot.
@josh you got that right (ezb love)! The wow wee line seem to be quite advanced. @nomad holy moley! 32! " i got some 32 robots.but i need that one speciale ez robot." is what some people say about girl friends!;)
no need for a girlfriend .haha lol