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Support For Laser Range Tracker

DJ will you be making a interface for LIDAR or laser range tracker for navigation inside the house cheapest LIDAR is NEATO XV-11 $130 or less one i got is one of the best HOKUYO URG-04LX i was lucky to get it at $1000 ,$200 off the regular price,looking to compare to the XV-11 lidar witch i was told it was very close but also looking to maybe add it to my omnibot project with EZB and another controller board

another item is adding GPS SENSOR for outside navigation,very low cost i see the new software update has GPS


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The Neato xv-11 has a pretty cool navigation system. I was looking into getting one a few months back but I got a second Omni2000 instead. Maybe in a few months.


GLICKCLICK i sell them only need the LIDAR sensor and 555 timer to keep the motor on the right rpm,have about 12,and lots of info and codes i just got a 3rd omnibot 2000,and 2 EMIGLIO robots i have a lot of EZB hacking to do check my omnibot project added photos of my arm design each arm can handle about 150 lbs or more but will be much much less because i use only half the current,omnibot frame will have all aluminium frame


I saw you are selling parts. If you advertise that you are selling lowest price on ebay you should make it a "Buy it now" price. Who knows how high the bid will go.

hehe 150 lbs! Thats a lot. You would need a lot of weight, extended wheel base and a low center of balance to keep it from tipping over. Looks very sturdy and will last a long time.


some i have buy it now,getting ready to add the LIDAR ABOUT $120 it sells for $300 the sensor only most would be under 75 lbs ,it draws 1 amp but at 75 lbs its 500ma, a lot better then the servo JOSH is using hsr-5995tg main reason using a aluminium frame inside is if falls it wont break much,second panels will come off easy like the heathkit hero design,also aluminium is light weight second no panels will have any boards attach to them or sensors or wires


@ robotmaker. LIDAR is what I would love to use but damn like you said they start at a grand and go up.

What is the Neto XV-11 like to use? I didn't know you could get them on there own. I'll have to look into then.


the LIDAR that goes for a $1000 has about the same accuracy as $120 NEATO XV-11 LIDAR here is info on it and how to make a simple speed control ,and just need a usb to ttl adapter or TTL on EZB

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a lidar range finder is one of the best sensors used for inside navigation


If there is support for lidar from neato sensor within the first couple months of the year i might be interested. Robotmaker if you feel strongly that DJ could work this in as a feature for ezb why don't you put together a package with specs and any needed electronics and send it to dj to look at. Otherwise i don't imagine it would make it high on the to do list.


Guys I wonder for the price why not the x box kinect. You can pick them up for a song and lots of people have hacked them.

But I agree with Josh too. If Neato would support the lidar and have DJ do an update to include it that would be better.


NEATO DOES SUPPORT IT and the website i posted has all the info and API comands ,plus hook to hook it up and much much more info on the kinect i have 4 of them for my larger robots,drawback is the size 3 times the size ,plus added weight and 3 times the current draw on neato sensor it its under 500 ma uses 5v usb port only soshould be much easer to use and make a interface then using the KINECT another problem might be hard to use the webcam and kinect at the same time kinect is mostly used on very large robots

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as you can see it will make most robots very funny looking only robot good for using kinect is IROBOT ROOMBA ,since the design TURTLEBOT uses it and needs 1.5 amp 12 volt source and usb source

here is the link on neato xv-11 sensor

neato xv-11 lidar hack page

this page as the software,api codes and simple schematic using a 555 timer and a few parts ,also in my robot club i am in there is a guy who did make a board for it and sells them low cost

here is the guy who hacked neato laser sensor and did a lot and lot of testesting ,you need to see the other blogs on waveforms ,schematics on lidar sensor and alot lot more ,also the simple motor rpm timing circuit using 555 timer and a mosfet and few timing parts (caps,and resistors) the link shows the circuit ,but side bar has the rest of his blogs on it

random workshop neato hack


Dj will probably take a look when he has time and time is a valuable and limited resource. He does a great job but he still is just one guy captaining the EZ-B ship. Sometimes repairing the sails. Sometimes adding to it. Sometimes doing course corrections as well as tending to passengers (of all backgrounds beginner-advanced).

But always steering his ship where he needs to go.

Raise a glass to Captain Sures!:D


(raises a beer) Here's to you captain. Thanks for all your hard work.


DJ doing a great job ,i try to tell others in my few robot yahoo clubs ,most like other types of microcontoller,i guess they like thier own programming ,but still few like it i think is great board,i like my other microcontroller but for toy robots it great hope soon he has time to add this interface soon,looks kinda easy with api codes

if he needs a neato sensor with speed control board can do a trade can make the board if others want it,only pay for parts and shipping $10 i made over 400 types of pcb boards,so its fun for me


How much would parts be?


@Robotmaker you are very experienced , why not pull out a occilliscope , get a idea of outputs verses angle and distance and write some lines of code for it? I mean all the work wouldnt already be done for you like with a ultrasound or a ir distance sensor but you would make a huge contribution if successful. Ez robot is super busy and watches members individual successes and needs to guide what the next features of ez boards will be. - Josh S


JOSH thats been done already it has the API codes already also not very good at codding,arduino and lispworks ,basic stamp is all the programming i know

also whats need is a digital storage o-scope,the output is digital all you need is API CODE AND A GOOD C++ programmer to make the code for

TROY well under $10