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Support For Ez- B Ve

Hello EZ-B,

i have a V3 controller for my project, and i and i can not connect to the port from today. May i ask if it changhe something for the EZ-B VE controller?

i have read the post that it is no longer supported by EZ -B. But all this days i had no problem with the controller v3!



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Mpravo Richard!, thanks a lot .
Hello again....,

may i ask if i can use the serial Port for USB Connectivity? or just the Camera Port?
The manual tutorial that was given to you in an earlier response contains the instructions, and the only instructions.

If your robot is connected via serial, there is no need for the ezrobot camera. This is because your computer is obviously close enough to use a USB camera.
Good Morning...,

some help please..!

i can't connect the V4 controller with a serial port!, i made all the changes as the the manual tutorial write.

i use the Baud Rate: 921600
but no connection

i use the follow usb serial converter:


Any Help *confused*