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Suggestion For ARC


For my latest large robot project I am using a sound card similar to the MP3 but it plays .wav files instead .mp3 files. Rather than ask for a control for this specific hardware, would you consider creating a generic version of the MP3 Trigger control? This universal matrix control would use the same 10x10 array of buttons as the MP3 trigger, but the user would specify the script command to be exectued for each button push. Besides supporting additional sound boards I can see its potential for other applications. I'm sure other builders might find this useful as well.




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Unless I am missing something, I will let you know that the SoundBoard on the EZB plays both wavs and mp3. It is sort of particular about the mp3s. But, if you give it the right ones, it will play them. I have never needed an external card for that.

Hope that this helped.


I believe Jim is referring to a generic, hardware supported module.

I use the SparkFun MP3 trigger and a Cheap Serial MP3 module.

A generic "Soundboard" would allow us to specify what command to
do for a specific button press. One could be specific to the Sparkfun
board, another could be a serial command specific to the other board, ect.

If I'm following the gist of it all.
why would you use that when you can use the one included on the EZB? It works great for me.

Unless, I guess if it is a matter of choice, which of course you would have.
MovieMaker we are talking about a physical sound generating device
within our robots. Typically some form of MP3 trigger / amplifier type
setup. When triggered via ARC it plays the audio at the robot.

The built in ARC "soundboard" is great but I only use it for initial
sound testing for my droids. It plays through the PC speakers. I'm sure
there is some way to re-direct the PC audio to speakers in a robot, but
I find it easier to have a standalone audio device such as a MP3 trigger.

Maybe if I was embedding a PC into my robot using the soundboard
would be an option.
The audio player that I'm using has a built in 20W stereo amplifier and is mounted on my robot. It only plays .wav files from an SD card. A single SendSerial script command sent to the EZ-B plays the specified .wav file. It works well, except I'd like a more convenient way to use the numerous sound effects files I've collected.
@Jim I think the Script Manager can help you. It is resizable. Even if it were an array of 100 buttons, they'd need buttons beside them for edit and delete script options. We have an EZ-Bit audio player being developed. They should all be ready by fall - including the EZ-Mini. I'll think of a control in the future for situations like this:)

Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll play around with the Script Manager. Would it be possible to add a script function for the user to enter a variable from the keyboard into a script, such as a number, then using a series of IF statements a specific SendSerial command would be executed based on the value of the variable? A CASE structure would be even better. Just a thought.

The CASE and/OR the ELSE function would be nice.
But what we have now is Great of course.