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Suggestion For Http Server Image View


This is a suggestion for the image view on the http server. I think it would be great if there was the Movement Panel right under the image view, so you could easily navigate the robot with the streaming image above.

I know you could just use the live view, but with live view the user interface for viewing the video is not as clean as image view. So if there was a Movement Panel within the image view function it would be easy to let other navigate the robot from somewhere else.

Also with the http server, is it possible to transmit audio?



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United Kingdom
I'm working on something similar on Jarvis

User-inserted image

Note: An IP camera is being used until Jarvis has a camera, I've not yet tackled streaming the video, but I will be soon enough:)

Unfortunately, there is some lag on the camera, even when using an IP camera, so I suspect the same will happen with the EZ-cam which may cause problems while driving him...
Feroze, I've had similar requests in the past. I think it will be something we will have done in the next few releases - meanwhile we will continue to work on our mobile app (android and iphone)
"mobile app (android and iphone)"! Holy Cow! Will the surprises never end! I know you've mentioned this over the past year. It's good to know it's still in the works.

Dave Schulpius
Sweet, yah I am really excited for the iOS version. I currently run ARC through Parallels on my Mac which works ok but I have to start Windows....

Can't wait for native iOS to run on my iPad.
Feroze, have you tried using WINE?
K So just tried using WINE (Wineskin) and followed the instruction and when I click to install ARC Installer.msi it says "Oops No Executable Found! Maybe the Installer Failed? "

I tried it couple times with the same error. I also tried it with another .exe windows application and it worked to bring up the installer but with ARC Installer.msi it doesn't want to bring up the installer.

I tried converting the .msi to .exe and still same issue. Wineskin just cant find the executable for some reason.

It would be AMAZING if I could get wine to run it on the mac!
United Arab Emr
I am using VMWARE and it is working fine , No need to restart.
Yah I have been using Parallels and it has been pretty good only except for one thing... Whenever I connect a bluetooth headset to Windows 7 in Parallels, the speaker works, but the microphone does not.

Do you have any luck connecting bluetooth mic to Windows 7 through VMWare or Parallels?
CANT WAIT FOR THE IOS APP. It will be cool to drive my wall-e around with my iPod touch 5.
United Arab Emr
I did not try it .
I will try to use my phone Bluetooth
WINE, red or white?
This the first I have heard of this where can I get info on this for EZ-B?