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Sugestion : I Would Like To Use A Kinect With My Turtlebot.

It would be nice to be able to EZ my TurtleBOT. I have three roombas.A 405,4125, and a Create. I have a 530 but it is broken. But, I have plenty to get going. RoboRealm was a little too over my head. So was ROS. So, now I have bots sitting around doing nothing while they could COME ALIVE! with the EZ bot Board I am thinking. Need support for Kinect because it has a Laser type emulation. This is like having a thousand dollar laser for $150. You can do VSlam and other things. Also, a very good Audio system and webcam. So, I hope the Kinect is on your list.



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Kinect is on the development plan. I have no date for its release yet. It would be neat for your robot for sure!


I've been searching the forums for Kinect references and I see that Kinect support is in the future. DJ how far in the future?:) What kind of interface can we expect for us amatures?


only problem bad about KINECT it will draw alot of current other then that is a great navigation device but the NEATO xv-11 SENSOR IS ABOUT THE SAME PRICE WITH A USB SPECIAL BOARD that use much lower current and is LIDAR ,and beats $5000 LIDAR sensor only lacks a web cam it draws under 500 ma because its the max that a usb port can put out NEATO XV-11 does have the nodes and drivers FOR LINUX ROS problem i see also with KINECT VERSES NEATO XV-11 is when kinect is used for navigation it cant be used as a webcam for face and object recognition on NEATO XV11 you add a webcam and can use both,accuracy is very high specs on the NEATO XV-11 sensor


Hello, latest kinect sdk does face detection, and navigation detection, plus a variety of other features. The kinect development team has a fantastic roadmap of features in the future.

The only problem you will find with Kinect is the cost. We are not allowed to distribute a binary that supports the xBox kinect in a commercial product. The kinect SDK is only compatible with the Windows Kinect, which is more expensive. You will have to purchase the Windows Kinect for ARC, or any commercial product supporing Windows Kinect.

The only way you can use your xBox kinect, is if you wrote your own program interface within ARC using the C# or VB controls found under Add Control->Scripting

Here is a little more information that explains it:


We can get the LEAP it is smaller, cheaper and 600 times more accurate, I believe they said.

Of course the downside of that was that I purchased a kinect when they first came out before all of the sales. And, I own one now.



Everything about the leap motion is speculatory. Until it is produced and used, I do not have available resources to plan development around speculations. I'm excited to use one to see the potential.


KINECT does very good face recognition ,but cant do face recognition and navigation at the same time ,thats one of the biggest drawbacks,other is uses a lot of current i have of them they are great but from testing them with NEATO SENSOR has better navigation accuracy on the new KINECT that just came out its 2 times the price of last years KINECT $300

some other stuff about KINECT and NEATO sensor both uses a laser on KINECT it use a IR camera and very small FOV about 90 deg or less unless using a servo PAN design NEATO sensor is a TRUE LIDAR laser sensor 360 deg ,and its compares to HOKUYO LIDAR that costs $1200 and up with a very close accuracy


True that the LEAP is much more accurate but isnt it only for a very short range and area close to the sensor?


I am not sure. The Ad seemed good. Time will tell.

I have a Kinect. The main purpose was to be able to track faces and colors and understand the super audio capabilities. But, the MAIN reason was to Navigate Autonomously. I don't care if it is a camera, or Kinect, or Leap.

I have BIG plans for my robots. How can they do Amazing things if they can't even go around the house without banging into stuff? That is a problem I have had since I started in robots. It seems the machines that would navigate properly did not have enough UMP to do anything else. so they avoided Objects and then ran out of cpu time to do more.

That was on the Ardunio. I am Praying that the EZ-Board won't get S L O W when you giving it many things at once. But, it looks promising.



I like how Loki robot used the kinect and could reach out and pick up things!

BTW Thank you DJ for the info on the Kinect.


yes that was done by DAVE SHINSEL from a robot group i am in ,i made his SEEKER robot but much better SEEKER 2 I forgot about distance on KINECT not great on LEAP motion sensor made by aplle first doesnt reach far,sincond for hand and finger gestures


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@Glickclik we're taking time to catch up this evening. Too many items on the list and not enough hands on deck! It is important to deliver the best quality and tutorials as i can - so my expectations are sometimes too high:) But i'll never admit it


I've often wondered that you are taking on quite a lot in this venture. I dont think everyone understands how much is involved just in keeping the business going. Now add in the time to code and test new features, add in the new hardware prototypes (ie EZ-Bits), add in answering emails, answering forums, returning business calls, researching new markets to promote EZ-B.

So DJ....Where the heck do you fit in a social life?!!!

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haha, no social life. haven't had one in a while! everything is entirely EZ-Robot.

I have helpers, and they do a great job. But when it comes down to it, i'm the visionary and founder - so it's all in my hands. That's why i focus so much on ensuring tutorials and videos to help people so i don't have to answer questions that are already answered.

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i guess i need a spell checker,just put up too fast ,but if you check the specs ,NEATO XV-11 is better then KINECT KINECT IS just out there longer there is good sides and bad sides on any sensor,KINECT doesnt have a 360 deg, on mostly all LIDAR sensors like NEATO does has 360 deg pan,and navigation is where you need 360 deg SPELL CHECK

my life mostly sensors and robots not much party time DJ tutorials you did look good