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Struggling With Pwms

Hello, I have a new computer running windows 8.1 with Microsoft Bluetooth built in. I have a few issues with the PWM sliders that has my project, just about dead in the water.

  1. My PWM sliders somewhat control my outputs (leds at this time) but when I run the script the outputs do not do anything. Although on my PWM on screen slider controls, I see them running (following the running script).
  2. When I manually use the PWM sliders they seem to work, but when I hit STOP they go to full on. I then have to bump them up a little to say 5 or 10 percent, then hit STOP and then they turn off, sometimes I have to repeat this a few times. This happens about 80% of the time.
  3. I've claimed this before, at 45% PWM slider setting, they go to full on. It does not matter if I have a dc motor on the output or an led or a voltmeter, it's always the same. I have two v3s, each do the same and have tried 5 different computers and multiple versions of software. I have uploaded a project that demonstrates the problem. Thanks in advance. P.S. I have searched the forum and can't find any posts on these issues. confused


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I remember you discussing this issue and @Rich confirming that there is an issue with the PWM jumping from 45% to full. I've also found this to be true but as I always use scripts this has not been an issue for me. I can see how it would be a problem for someone adjusting it by hand. I know DJ had commented on that thread so I must assum this issue has fallen off his radar with everything else he's had to do lately.

Sounds like you may have a few things going on here. The non responce of your sliders may be because you have the wrong ports or board number writen in the script or the script it's self written wrong. Please post here what ports you have your wiring going to, how many EZB's your useing in this project, what EZB the wiring is going to and a link to your project. If I get some time this weekend I'll try to have alook at it. Maybe I'll be able to see what is happening.


I'll take a look and see what I find:)


Thanks for the responses guys, I put the project on the cloud. I don't know how to link you to it though, I'm new to this stuff. Also Dave, the slider controls the outputs manually but when the script is running they do not. Although you see them cycling on the slider controls as the script is running. I'm thinking I might try to reload ARC tonight. Unless DJ has something else before then. Thanks again.

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here you go

I don't have an EZ-B that's accessible at the moment so can't run it and check it out however I did check the scripts and controls and confirm they all look like they should work, with D1 and D2 being 100 and 0 then 0 and 100.

I can't say I ever checked if there was a fix to the PWM at 45% issue but do remember checking it and finding it come back that 45% was outputting at 100%.

If (and it's a huge if, chances are slim) I get time I'll get one of my EZ-Bs out of the robot it's in and have a proper test of this later.


I've fixed the pwm issue. it'll be on the next ARC for the v3 users:)


Awesome DJ, I look for ward to the next release. Thanks again for the help Dave and Rich.


Great! Very timely. I hadn't found the time to get into the shop this weekend and was just about to head down there now to run a few tests on this. I thought I'd quickly check e-mail first and....... BOOM! DJ comes through! This guy's amazing!

Looking forward to seeing how it works for you after the update. Please post.


I'll be trying it out tonight for sure.


It won't be updated until tomorrow. And thanks:)


DJ , I finally got back to my project and tried out the PWM 45% issue. It's fixed and you increased the resolution at the same time too, good job and thank you.