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Asked — Edited

Strange Pop-Up On Existing Robot File?

Strange pop-up?
I was operating an established and previously run program on one of my robots when this appeared?
I am not sure what to think about this?
I do not know below name ?
What does this mean?
2009 Jose manual Menendez Poo

User-inserted image



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Thank You Richard for responding.
I have not had any other issues?
Running additional scans now.
What I usually do... which maybe is overkill is do a windows restore from maybe a week ago.... I don't use antivirus software because it usually slows the system down and I am not a high risk to viruses (I don't go to weird websites or open spam emails).... I find windows restore gets rid of the virus or Malware.....
Steve, is that a screen from your Windows device and ARC or from a mobile device with EZ-Mobile?

Honestly, from what I am reading it does not look like a virus, even though his name sounds funny, he seems to be a real software developer and he does have a real "ribboncontrol"

The questions is what are running that caused it? Or what steps in ARC did you do to make it poop up?

Also, Admiral Haftel is super steamed! Like, don't even talk to him in 10 forward! :P
@RichardR, you would probably be deeply shocked at how many creative ways there are to inject malicious malware in unpatched un-weird sites. I highly recommend quality AV protection.
Thanks for responding.
Yes, that is screen view of ARC shot from my IPhone that was operating on my Asus 8.1 laptop.
I can not tell you exacting what command triggered that?
Tried running Lal again, but no pop-up.
I ran several different scans with no threats.
Maybe we can keep this from Admiral Haftel ?
Can you tell me what a "Control ribbon" is?
Do not be alarmed - that is the author of the menu bar which ARC uses. I actually have never seen the popup before - what did you click on to make it happen? I can check the code to see where it comes from. I won't be removing the authors copyright.

It appears to popup when the bottom of one of the tabs is clicked


private string cr {
get {
return "Professional Ribbon\n\n2009 José Manuel Menéndez Poo\nwww.menendezpoo.com";

/// <summary>
/// Hittest on tab
/// </summary>
/// <returns>true if a tab has been clicked</returns>
internal bool TabHitTest(int x, int y) {

if (Rectangle.FromLTRB(Right - 10, Bottom - 10, Right, Bottom).Contains(x, y)) {

//look for mouse on tabs
foreach (RibbonTab tab in Tabs) {
if (tab.TabBounds.Contains(x, y)) {
ActiveTab = tab;
return true;

return false;
Thank you D.J.,
Great to know it is not a threat!
Thanks for the explanation, it is a great relief.
I can't believe how active and on top of things, you are?;);)