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Stopping Bing From Recording

Something has changed I guess. Bing Speech Recognition used to have controls that let the software turn off recording using these settings in the control:

  1. Level Threshold Field This adjustable threshold level is used for both Auto Recording (if enabled) and stopping recording. If you find that even in manual mode the recording manually stops too quickly before your sentence is complete, lower this value.

  2. Silence Count Field This count is used to set how many times the energy volume is below the level threshold before recording is stopped.

  3. Max Recording Field This represents the maximum duration of the recording. *Note: Currently locked to 10 seconds.

These setting still appear in the tutorials but they don't exist in ARC's Bing control. Was this feature dumped or am I missing something?

How do I stop recording now without physically pushing the stop button?

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Use VAD which is improved from that broken old method. it is isn’t yet documented on the bing manual page here:

but the question marks have it


I did try the VAD. When used I noticed that using this feature causes the control to listen to everything said in the room and then sends everything heard to Bing.  Am I correct? Doesn't this use up an awful lot of bandwidth and busy it all up?

I did some digging and I found what appears to be undocumented EZ Script commands for Bing in a post. At least I can't find them in any manual. They are:  ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StopListening")  ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StartListening")

You gave a member these commands a few months ago in this thread:

Here's the script you wrote for him:

// Stop listening and set a global var and start the pulse script
ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StopListening");
SetVar("$BingPaused", true);
ControlCommand("Pulse LED", "ScriptStart");

// Start listening and set a global var and stop the pulse script
ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StartListening");
SetVar("$BingPaused", false);
ControlCommand("Pulse LED", "ScriptStop");

Do these still work? Are there any other commands I could use with Bing?


It’s the same functionality as before but the vad uses an algorithm to detect speech rather than volume. The volume would pickup sounds rather than speech. It used more bandwidth before than now with vad

the commands will still work. Use the Cheat Sheet to see available commands:


Ok, silly me. I totally missed the Bing SR commands in the cheat sheet. I have a big project and I must have skipped over them among all the other commands in there. Thanks for the tip.

I did notice that when using the ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StopListening") and ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StartListening") that I can start the skill listening just fine but the StopListening doesn't seem to stop it once the control has detected sound then sends data to Bing. If I don't say anything the StopListening command works just fine. I have inserted Sleep() commands into the script from short to long peroids with no luck.

If I can't get the stoplistening command to work I'll probably move forward with VAD.

Thanks! Having fun.


OK, I gotta admit I like the way Bing responds and works using VAD.

One question, it looks like it listens and sends everything it hears....... somewhere. Is what I'm seeing correct? Does it send everything it hears off into the "cloud" to be processed?