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Stop Script

Here is a stop script for all functions for all robots.
NOTE: You will have to configure some commands to fit your robot. Feel free to change/add things yourself. Copy and paste (ctrl+c[copy], ctrl+v[paste])





MP3TriggerStop(d0, 38400)

GPSStop(latitude, longitude, resolution)




United Kingdom
Yep, that's better. However you needn't use Halt() as it will stop when it gets to the end anyway. I rarely use Halt() (In fact I don't think I ever have used it) but it can come in handy to stop a script running if an IF loop needs to stop it for any reason.
Hello !

How do I stop a script from running since I cannot input any key attached script while it's running ? Is there a way ?

Hi. there is ControlCommand(script, scriptstop)

Don't forget to put quotes around the scripts name. I canèt because of my quoutation glitch

Example: ÈItès hot and it doesnèt cool downÈ
Thank you. I wrote the script into Keyboard control so my new question is where am I supposed to find the name of the script ?
I guess I'll have to use script manager...
What ever you called the script you want to stop put that name.